John Wienecke – A Business Consultant with a Winning Formula for Success

A native New Yorker, John Wienecke spent over thirty-five years working in the corporate world in product development. During that time, he developed extensive knowledge about what it takes for a company to become successful and grow.

In 2012, after training to become an Integral Master Coach, he decided to combine his personal coaching skills with his business knowledge, his product development knowledge, and his delivery knowledge to help small- to mid-size companies become successful.

John states, “I decided to go into coaching to understand the human aspect of performance, something I found companies were not effective at developing.  I directed large global product development programs and 60% of the major problems were people related.  Leadership today requires more coaching and skill development due today’s complexity.  Successful companies are learning and commitment based companies supported with systems and structures that enable success.”

John has spent years dealing with the complexities of developing and implementing global products, transitioning from existing products and just in time scaling to support dynamic market growth. Business growth requires systems, processes and people development, which is what John calls Structures for Success.

John works with CEOs to help them develop their organization to achieve sustainable revenue faster and systematically. “Staying focused on their vision and implementing success structures enables a CEO to find the right balance between working on their business and in their business,” says John.

These success structures include implementing capabilities in the people domain that allows for innovation and creativity enabling them to continue grow over time with their business. Therefore, at the end of the day, they produce more revenue, more profitability, and they’re more satisfied with what they’re accomplishing.

John helps CEOs of companies that get stuck at a particular level of growth. In order to get to the next level, they have to grow personally in their organization and they must also grow organizationally. With his assistance and his systems, this growth can take place.

He also helps to develop the CEO’s vision. “Anyone who’s done anything of greatness has actually had a vision, lived that vision and made that happen,“ says John.

John presents an objective view of the issues the company is experiencing which are keeping it from achieving success and then provides solutions to those issues. A part of those solutions involves making the company a learning organization whose people adapt and change as they encounter both successes and failures.

Another part of that learning involves becoming proficient in the communication process which brings commitments for sales and a steady focus on understanding what the customer wants, and their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the delivered product.

With the knowledge and assistance that Mr. Wienecke offers, companies are able to achieve and surpass the level of success they want.

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