John Paul Marosy Author of Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs

Caregivers Work LLC creator and President, John Paul Marosy, discusses how he came to understand the very real need for employers to provide support for workers faced with increasing caregiving roles for elderly parents or risk losing valuable employees.

John Paul discusses his work with employers and employees to empower both parties to manage the challenges that arise when employees must care for aging parents. He goes on to include the reasons it is so important for business organizations to make accommodations and even set policies that allow employees to better balance their responsibilities to employers and their caregiving responsibilities as well, stating that doing this helps employees, “Stay engaged. Stay involved. And, more importantly, avoid the costly turnover that no company can afford in today’s ever-tightening labor market.”

Over the course of the interview, he discusses the fact that reducing turnover is important for businesses. Particularly in the tight labor markets businesses face today. With increasing numbers of women in the workforce who are also responsible caregivers for aging parents and/or children of their own, businesses must adapt to accommodate those needs and support good employees trying to meet the demands of both.

Marosy mentions a Forbes article that points out various details about the benefits to employers for helping their employees manage their caregiving needs. It goes on to point out that roughly three-quarters of employees are providing care to either a child, parent, or friend.

When addressing things companies can do in order to help their employees find this necessary balance, he mentions a Harvard Business School article that discusses the financial and other burdens on the care economy, why it matters to employers, and what companies can do to address the problem within their own organizations and the value his book, Caregivers Work Series Book 1: Caregivers Work: A Six Step Guide to Balancing Work and Family: Elder Care Edition, has to offer organizations rising to the occasion.

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