John Limbocker – Awarded Outstanding Speaker at Speak Like a Champion Tour Event Held at the University of Notre Dame

T. Allen Hanes presents John Limbocker, outstanding speaker award at the Speak Like a Champion Tour that was held at the University of Notre Dame from July 31 through August 2, 2017. 

John was one of the 15 TOP speakers that spoke at this Epic business event.

John Limbocker is the Mastermind behind Internet Dominators, a division of a company he founded in 1985 called Limbo Vision, Inc.

Limbo Vision was created to serve the advertising photography needs of businesses and advertising agencies. 

Lucky for Limbo Vision, John saw the road ahead and recognized the opportunity that was rapidly approaching. The World Wide Web (www for short) was on the horizon. Limbo Vision swiftly altered course to stay ahead of the times and started offering Web Design, E-Commerce Construction and on line marketing as a part of its services.

In the mid to late nineties, John cracked many of the Search Engine codes of the time and was able to get top listings for his clients. John made many guest speaking appearances as well as a few paid seminars, demystifying how the Search Engines really worked and how to beat them.

From the start, John recognized the need to supply quality traffic to his clients and he did just that. In the following years, John accounted for over 100 Million Dollars in on line sales for his clients.

This brought on John’s newest idea that these small businesses didn’t need just traffic. They needed a simple Marketing Protocol that included traffic on the back end. This was a monumental task that led to the creation of John’s ACT Marketing Protocol.

ACT is a three step process to create a Homerun Marketing Campaign. It follows the exact protocol of all the major ad agencies out there. It reveals the secrets that are known only to those who could afford to hire the high dollar agencies. The ACT Marketing Protocol is delivered in true John style via online videos that provide step by step, over his shoulder instruction. Using the ACT Marketing Protocol, also known as “AMP”, anyone can create marketing materials that make sales superfluous by creating demand and desire for your products or services.


T. Allen Hanes

T. Allen Hanes is a #1 Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Co-founder of the Crypto Business Forum New York and host of The Authority Syndicate Radio Show and T. Allen Hanes radio show on the Business Innovators Radio Network and WCKG Chicago. Contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine, Thrive Global,, and Huffington Post covering Influencers, Innovators in Business, Health, Finance, Marketing, and Personal Development.

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