John Braun, Marketing Consultant, Explains How Every Door Direct Mail Helps Local Businesses

With many local businesses putting more marketing dollars into online advertising, direct mail offers a alternative.  The United States Postal Service launched their Every Door Direct Mail program in 2012, but most businesses are confused on how to use the new service.  John Braun is educating local businesses all over the United States on the easiest ways to use this new direct mail service.

In a continuing effort for the United States Postal Service to turn a profit, Every Door Direct Mail was launched to entice small businesses into using direct mail again.  Since postage rates have skyrocketed to 49 cents to send a letter, many businesses have included less direct mail in their marketing mix.  The USPS created the new program so any business or entity could mail to any neighborhood for a minimum investment.

“Direct mail used to be a fantastic way to market,” Braun says.  “For many local businesses, all you needed to do was canvas a few neighborhoods with a special offer and your phone would ring off the hook.  But since postal rates have climbed, many small businesses can’t afford it.”

The new Every Door Direct Mail postage rate is 17.5 cents per home when mailed without a bulk mail permit or 15.75 cents per home when mailed with a bulk mail permit.  Additionally, the number of homes required to send a mailing is minimal.  In many cases, a campaign can be sent to as little as 200-300 homes.  To get this special rate, a user needs to make sure the mailer is at least 6.125 x 8 inches and less than .25 inches thick.

“Many small businesses love Every Door Direct Mail because they can send a large postcards for way under the cost of first class postage rates,” said Braun.  “Plus the business doesn’t have to invest in buying a mailing list because the USPS has an online tool to allow users to pick which mail routes the mailers will be sent to.  So I recommend that a local business use the tool to pick their ideal areas of town to target and then mail a series of large postcards with a unique special offer to that particular area.”

Gary Reblin, vice president for the USPS, said the new tools add to their goal to create simple mailing solutions that allow businesses to focus their attention on building up their business. Local businesses should take advantage of this new service if they want to target specific sections of their town.  All it takes is spending some time getting to know the ins and outs of using Every Door Direct Mail.

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