Joel Rauser Of Cornerstone Physical Therapy Says Neck And Jaw Treatment Must Adapt With The Workplace

Joel Rauser of Cornerstone Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs says that treatments must adapt to a changing workforce. Workplace wellness is a growing concern for companies and employees are spending more hours sitting at computers causing tension and injury. Those changes have driven Cornerstone Physical Therapy to innovate how they treat injuries of the neck and jaw. Those areas have become a major source of pain for information workers. By spending long hours sitting, stressing, and working on computers, the result is often injuries in the neck and jaw.

Those injuries lead to decreased productivity, pain, and less activity. That cycle needs fixing to help people move and improve. Rauser says, “A majority of headaches, tension, dizziness, and facial pain is often related to an undiagnosed upper neck problem. This can stay ‘under the radar’ for years.” When people experience injury in pain, especially in the neck and jaw, they tend to protect the area by limiting movement. That limited movement is a short-lived relief and can cause more problems. Joints should move. When joints can safely move the joint surfaces involved repair themselves.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy has innovated by not only focusing on new types of injuries, but also new forms of treatment. Joel Rauser’s team was the first in Colorado Springs to implement and promote the use of dry needling. That innovation helped doctors release tension by going right to the source within the muscle tissue and accelerating patient recovery.

Now Cornerstone Physical therapy is innovating again by combining dry needling and ultrasound. This new treatment is ultrasound guided dry needling. Ultrasound imaging equipment lets doctors accurately see the scar tissue and position the tip of the dry needle precisely. Doctors use ultrasound equipment to visually guide the tip of the needle into the affected tissue, delivering the focused healing exactly where it is needed most.

Initial studies have shown tremendous results. One study published in the British Volume of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery treated 22 individuals who had conditions that were unsuccessfully treated by other treatment methods. When ultrasound guided dry needling was performed on the affected tissue, the patients experienced relief. Patients received two treatments and after 12 months 77% of patients were more than 80% satisfied with their outcome. 85% of patients were able to return to their sporting interests.

Patients at Cornerstone Physical therapy have been experiencing quicker recovery and renewed hope. Joel Rauser was one of the first physical therapists to promote the use of dry needling and now continues to push for innovative therapies with the use of ultrasound guided dry needling. Readers can learn more at Cornerstone Physical Therapy.

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