Joel Helfer, Top Chicago Authority Building Consultant, Teaches A 3-Step Authority Building Formula

Today, Chicago Authority Consultant Joel Helfer reveals his 3-step authority building formula that works like magic for business owners seeking to become a top authority in their industry.

Helfer’s Magic Formula to Build Authority :

Massive Attention + High Quality Education and Advocacy, Over Time = Authority.

MA + EA + T = Authority

According to Helfer, this formula will make it possible to build and promote your own authority and sell products and services to a targeted audience eager to follow your advice and give you money. In addition, when you use this formula, your authority will appear instantly, as if you recited a magic spell from a secret book.

Helfer offers the elements of this ‘magic’ formula defined and instructions on how to use this formula to make a quantum leap in your personal and business success. He adds, “You will become the magician who turns you and your business from invisible to visible, right before everyone’s eyes!”

Massive Attention and How To Get It

First, Helfer explains, the objective of gaining massive attention is to appear to be everywhere at the same time. You need a professional looking presence both online and offline. Your goal is to be seen and featured in major media digital outlets and magazines, like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company and more. You need live and recorded interviews on TV, radio and major podcast shows. You need a presence and consistent message on all channels of social media. You need to be seen and heard on YouTube. A feature article in a local offline magazine or newspaper is also recommended. In addition, you want to use direct mail to reach your audience on a consistent basis.

This is what you want. Now how do you get it?

Helfer advises, begin slowly and position yourself as an authority by providing high quality content on your blog, on podcast interviews, in a webinar, as a guest author on a high profile digital magazine, in a LinkedIn public or group post, in a private Facebook group or wherever you have access to. You should also begin to write the book that is inside you and release a chapter at a time, he adds.

Get as much exposure as you can every week and build your audience. Over time you will begin to be seen everywhere. Just be patient and persistent. Work at positioning every day. If you do this, you will be doing more to build your authority than 98% of all the people in the world. It is definitely worth your time and effort. You will eventually not only get massive attention, but also massive results.

Be An Educator and Advocate For Your Clients

Being both an educator and an advocate for your clients is important, Helfer teaches. He says, “This is how you shine like a bright star in the sky. You take the knowledge and expertise you have acquired in your industry and offer it freely in as many ways as possible. Give up your very best information, insights, and advice to the world with no thought of getting anything in return… other than the satisfaction of helping as many people as you can.”

He adds, rise above the average BS detector most people have on all the time, and offer unique, creative concepts that are part of your heart and soul. Stand up and educate as if you were talking directly to your children, who you want to succeed and would do anything and everything to help them build a quality life. Create unique formulas, catchy program phrases, and entertaining frameworks of information to interest your readers and have them on the edge of their seats, looking forward to what you have to say.

If you cannot do this with the written word effectively, speak into a microphone and record your best thoughts. Often this will be your best stuff. Have it transcribed and repurposed on your website, blog, marketing materials or create audio discs with your content. Audio discs have a high-perceived value and can be turned into a product for sale.

You should always think about ways to monetize your efforts. How can I make money today, this week, and in the future? Some activities will bring you money right away, which you need, and some will bring you money tomorrow. You need to separate today’s money making activities from tomorrow’s and determine which is most important to you and your family’s needs.

Making money is a key element in this formula, because obviously you need resources to be able to continue to build your authority positioning. This is just common sense, but many continue to pursue a goal or project that never makes a dime. You cannot do that. Your time is too valuable!

Be Patient, Authority Building and Positioning Takes Time

“You need to understand that increasing your authority in your industry is a journey,” Helfer says. It is lots of fun and requires working smart, not hard, to place yourself where others can constantly see and hear your name, and consume your ideas and strategies.

He adds, “Too many people are in a hurry to be seen as an authority, expert or big shot. They make a few attempts at it and when the anticipated results of creating an expensive website or untested product do not materialize, it is so much easier for them to give up and turn on the excuse machine inside their mind, with all kinds of reasons why it did not work out.”

Becoming an authority is a quest. It takes time, patience, strategic and creative thought, making the right connections, and producing high quality content, on a consistent basis. “If you are up for the challenge, you will succeed,” Helfer explains, “Just be convinced that you can do it and become the very best person you often dream about. Turn those dreams into reality. Maybe you won’t hit a homer with two outs in the bottom of the 9th of game 7 of the World Series, or throw a touchdown with 3 seconds left to win the Super Bowl… but you can make a real place in the world for yourself as a top authority in your industry.”

Follow Helfer’s  3-step authority building and positioning formula… MA + EA + T = Authority and it will happen for you, just like magic.

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