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Jimmy Page is a U.S. Navy disabled (connected) veteran who strongly believes that building a strong team is vital to the success of every business. While in the Navy, he was privileged to be on one of the first ships to make the transition from IBM electric typewriters to computers. He was actively involved in the transfer of some standard operating procedures manuals into mini discs, from where his interest in computers developed. After his Navy career, Jimi was hired by the IBM, where he was hired as an admin office clerical staff.

Jimi Page’s journey to success was met with various challenges. He began his entrepreneurship journey in 1991, where when a retired lieutenant became his first and almost his last customer to the way of his long journey of starting his own business.  Why?  Because he wrote a $7,000.00 dollar check to him that bounced!  Other challenges he faced was having to knock on millions of doors, waking up at 4:30 a.m. every day; he went out in the rain, sun, and snow. There was never a day off. However, with honesty, integrity, consistency, and character, Jimi overcame his hurdles to achieve success. Today, Jimi Page is the president and CEO of Page after Page a Global Company, that believes he can support a veteran to achieve success. Page after Page is a full-service office equipment business that specializes in the servicing and sales of document printers, high-speed printers, and administration from a secure printing facility.

As a business owner, Jimi Page can help you build your integrity and character to the point where people will respond to you. His zero tolerance for downtime and his zeal to save his clients lots of money has earned him a good name in the business. Jimi knows full well that not have the “resources” and knowing that you can still be “resourceful” is critical to success in business.  According to him, “Being able to communicate effectively with your customers and employees is very important, in addition to being able to manage your clients … The greatest success comes through a lot of contexts, and I have made a lot of other opportunities out there to support veterans who are interested in starting a successful business.”

This Spring, Jimi Page will share his knowledge in the compilation book, Fields to Boardrooms: Conversations with Veteran Business Leaders. Fields to Boardrooms is a great book that features conversations with peers—veterans of the United States Military—who have chosen the path of business ownership or the corporate path. It focuses on bringing more guidance and clarity to veterans prospecting business ownership or working within corporate America and also to encourage veterans to reach for the stars. The book is published by T&S Publishing, LP, and is scheduled to be released on Amazon.com in the summer of 2019.

For more information about Jimi Page, please visit www.pgafterpg.com

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