Jeff Tennery – Empowering Millions of Independent Workers Worldwide in the Gig Economy Getting National Attention

Jeff Tennery is the founder & CEO of Moonlighting was recently interviewed by T. Allen Hanes featured on Business Innovators Radio Network and WCKG Chicago. Jeff has spent over 25 years in senior executive leadership roles at Verizon, AT&T Wireless, nTelos, and Millennial Media. Jeff has spent the past year “moonlighting,” helping friends and co-founders on nights and weekends building the first on-demand mobile marketplace. Prior to founding Moonlighting, Jeff served 7 years as the Senior Vice President, Business Development & Global Monetization for mobile advertising leader MillennialMedia. He was responsible for delivering hundreds of millions of dollars annually across 50,000 applications worldwide and played an instrumental role in Millennial Media’s 2012 IPO.

Moonlighting is the first mobile, on-demand solution empowering people to earn extra money and hire talented professionals quickly. Moonlighting creates a virtual marketplace for freelancers and small businesses to hire or be hired directly from mobile devices. With a blockchain supported platform and its own token, Moonlighting provides a full turnkey solution with a suite of tools to empower millions of independent workers worldwide. Moonlighting is a privately held, Charlottesville, VA-based company built from the ground up for the gig economy. 

 A four-year-old business. A digital marketing platform called moonlighting that focuses every single day on how they can help people create their own form of personal income that goes beyond the W-2 and the full-time job. The whole thesis is that people should have some form of diversified income coming into their house outside of a nine to five job and that’s how moonlighting was born and there are currently 660,000 users on the platform that have raised their hands and said they want to create their own freelance or personal small business. 

Jeff went on to add, “I am a father of five and back in 2008 when the market, certainly went off the rails and the unemployment spiked. I freaked out. My wife was pregnant with our fifth child. I was at a startup that ended up being very successful, but at the time it looked very bleak for a lot of the same reasons that any particular company was facing back then when the market crashed. So I made a commitment to myself that my next company, that I would start, I would do something that would not only be able to help myself, find a job very quickly.  So I wanted to build a mobile application that could work anywhere at any given time and help people promote their skills, let people know that they’re available to be hired and take advantage of what I think is this on-demand economy of where people are, fairly impatient and they want things done a more readily and more, quickly. And hiring is no different. And so my colleagues and I started to moonlight on the side of our full-time jobs and we started building the platform and we said, wow, if we could do this, then why not look to empower others to be able to do the same.” 

The growth of freelancing worldwide is staggering. In the US alone, freelancers make up 35% of the current workforce, some 55 million workers who collectively earned $1 trillion in 2016. That number is predicted to reach 43% by 2020, with some analysts citing that figure at 80% of the global workforce by 2030.

While the freelance economy is booming, participants are at the mercy of flawed and individually-centralized job marketplaces. These traditional marketplaces struggle to engage new members and eliminate fraud, all while controlling freelancer earnings by setting pay rates, taking a steep cut of earnings, charging for bids, and withholding or even denying payment. As a result, freelancers are powerless to control their personal data and retain their full earnings. Conversely, employers have limited access to a consistent, trusted, and verified worker data, putting them at the risk of losing money and wasting time in the process.

Moonlighting removes the middleman between employers and freelancers, connecting them directly to empower on-demand employment. In addition, it offers a suite of powerful SaaS tools that simplify communications and small business accounting.


With the upcoming blockchain integration, Moonlighting will decentralize worker profiles (including reviews, recommendations, education, licensing credentials) and allow freelancers to port their profile to any employment marketplace in the gig economy.

Moonlighting is one of the fastest growing freelance marketplaces in the world and will be the first scaled hiring platform on the blockchain. The Moonlighting team of seasoned digital executives is well positioned to disrupt the $1T freelance industry with its best in class mobile application. Backed by the three largest news media companies (Gannett NYSE: GCI, Tribune NASDAQ: TRNC, McClatchy NYSE: MNI) Moonlighting has over 650,000 registered users on its platform, generated over $750k in revenue and is showcased in over 150 news media publications including the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Miami Herald and the USA TODAY. 

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