JB Owen Celebrated Women’s Month By Speaking At The Power Of A Woman Event & Announcing The Relaunch Of The Ignite Your Life For Women Book

March is International Women’s Month. To celebrate powerful women around the world, JB Owen, founder, and CEO of Ignite Publishing, was a featured speaker at the Power of a Woman event that happened on March 19th, 12-6 pm EST.

JB Owen is a proud female entrepreneur and embraces the feminine as part of her business. Forbes has called her the “heart-centered publisher,” Her work focuses on empowering men and women to succeed in every corner of their lives, from business to parenting, to personal development. She is an author, speaker, and coach who has found her success and wants to help others do the same. She is shared some of her most coveted advice at the Power of a Woman: Ignite Your Life for Women event, all covering the event’s main topic: heath.

Owen and the other speakers covered topics such as physical health, mental health, financial health, spiritual health, social health, emotional health, and more. Their mission was to ignite every corner of a person’s life, man or woman.

JB shares, “It’s all possible for women. We are pushing boundaries in all industries to make a difference. We bring a very valuable and, I believe, essential female energy to what we do. That is something that should be celebrated.”

Other speakers included were Les Brown, Forbes Riley, Dame Doria Cordova, host Jo Dee Nylander Baer, and more. To learn more about this free virtual event and the relaunch of the “Ignite Your Life for Women” book, visit https://women.igniteyou.life/relaunch

Tom Chesser

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