Jason Goldman-Petri Says Teaching Tennis Is More Than Just How To Return A Serve

One of only 25 coaches in the United States to be chosen by the United States Tennis Association to be part of their high performance coaching certification program, Jason Goldman-Petri is an athlete’s dream coach. As he says, “My business has an athlete first approach, meaning I do not dictate what needs to happen, but rather guide the player to where they wish to go.” He’s all about the player.

As a high performance tennis coach specializing in the technical, tactical, psychological, and physical aspects of tennis performance, Goldman-Petri helps his clients gain:

  • confidence in their tennis games,
  • mastery of the difficult skills of tennis technique quickly,
  • a more focused, clear-headed approach to competition that normally can only be accomplished through years of tournament play
  • valuable practice habits that lead to success and improved play
  • a flawless tactical approach based on geometry of a tennis court and the physical shot-making capabilities of the human body.

But it’s not the improvement of physical skills that Goldman-Petri most treasures about his work as a coach. Instead, he takes his greatest joy from “seeing the look on a student’s face when they finally accomplish their goal or tackle a difficult task. I know how frustrating tennis was for me before I got a solid coach and mentor, and I know how wonderful it can feel when you finally get it right. I really enjoy knowing that I helped them achieve their goals and had a hand in that joy and excitement they are feeling.”

It would seem that his clients are taking joy, too. One of his students at a top division II school started out this year playing #3 doubles of 3 spots and was not able to get a starting singles role of 6th. By the end of the season, she had worked her way up to #2 doubles and #3 singles, consistently starting in each match as well as consistently winning against her team’s rivals. Goldman-Petri says, “My work allows me to help a novice gain confidence, an intermediate the skills and mindset needed to advance, and an advanced player the ability to achieve at any stage.” It’s clear that USTA was not mistaken when selecting this coach for their most prestigious honor.

Find out more about Jason Goldman-Petri’s coaching programs at his website: http://asgoodasanace.com.