Jana Alcorn Shares Five Decisions That Empower World-Class Influencers

Little hinges swing big doors.  Daily decisions are the little hinges of the big doors of our lives.  And in reality, indecision is a decision.  It’s a decision to be stalled, to neutralize and to refuse the life of influence that could be yours.

Decisions are the game-changers of those can no longer take the sleeping pill of the status quo.

Warren Gennis says, “The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.”

That bold challenge comes through effective decisions.  We can never be World-Class Influencers unless we harness the power of effective decision-making. The skill of decision-making is crucial at every stage of life. 

Decision deficiencies exist in many organizations.  But when the skill of decision-making is focused on the right decisions, change-agents are born.

Let’s take a look at five decisions that empower world-class influencers.

1.  Associations. 

Every person cannot be worthy of equal time.  Our decisions reflect our values and priorities.  Connecting with others puts all the parties into a power position.  Today’s networking is not a melting pot of generics, but rather a mosaic of related interests.  Diversity is key.  Networking has long been heralded as the number one way to grow businesses and enterprise.  Relationships lead to communication and communication leads to deep and rich conversations that promote the sharing of skills and experiences.

2.  Information.  

In a Technological age where the speed of information is at our disposal 24/7, we must filter the information received.  Information no longer comes at dial up speed.  Apps and eBooks, Social Media, and Streaming Video compete for our valuable brain turf.  The staggering rate of new information instantly available brings new and unique opportunities to innovate.  The process of filtering the strategic data needed for focused success from low-quality information will be the difference in harnessing the power of our mental space. Don’t drown in the noise.  The proper assimilation of information is a game changer for World Class Influencers.

3.  Baby Steps. 

As John Maxwell says, Leaders develop daily, not in a day.  The baby steps of our lives are far more impactful than our leaps.  It’s the steps that make the path.  One of my favorite Chinese proverbs states, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   The past tribal cry of success has been “Think Big!”, but a “pint-sized” action always trumps mega intentions. Sometimes the smallest step in a positive direction can become the ultimate step of your life.

4.  Timing. 

It has been said that timing is everything.  Timing is not everything, but everything is timed.  Athletes, investors, photographers, speakers, and scores of others can attest to the importance of timing.  I can only think of one place that is not affected by timing – the cemetery. Opportunities have expiration dates. Learn when to seize them.  Moments are different and robotic responses will not get the job done.   Consider an awareness of timing into the decisions of your life that bring influence.

5.  Execution. 

Opportunity has been seized and the processes are now to be acted upon.  Execution is making things happen.  In spite of all the processes involved, nothing is as compelling to influence as the power of action.  In over 25 years of leadership, I have seen nothing that compares to leading by the example of action.   Regardless of the steps of execution, there must be a first-move.  That single decision carries the projectory of success! Execute!

These five decisions – associations, information, baby steps, timing and execution – are decisions of destiny!  Identify and leverage the decisions that accelerate influence and swing the big doors!  Why?  Because YOU are World-Class!

About Jana Alcorn:  Jana Alcorn is a Certified Executive Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer.  She has spoken in over 1000 Keynote and Breakout sessions in over 25 Nations. She is a Military widow and the Mom of one son, who is currently completing his university studies.  Follow Jana on Twitter or Email her at CoachJanaAlcorn@gmail.com.  Contact Jana to speak at your next event, for personal development or corporate training at JanaAlcorn.com.