J. Wyndal Gordon, The Warrior Lawyer, Delivers Powerful Talk at TEDx Event

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J. Wyndal Gordon, The Warrior Lawyer, was a featured speaker at a TEDx Event where he delivered his talk entitled “What To Do When You See Something Wrong”.  Gordon, a Baltimore Trial Attorney, is known for his successful track record in defending clients that have been denied their civil rights and are victims of an injustice.

Below is an excerpt from his Talk:

“I don’t know if you ever witnessed or have been a product of injustice. But in the event that you have … and I’m talking about real injustice. I’m talking about the injustice that shakes you to your core. I’m talking about the injustice that arrests your conscience and makes you think, this is wrong.

Because if you’ve been in that place, then you understand what it takes to make things right. We live in an age where we have technology on our hips and access to the internet at our fingertips. We’re exposed to the great virtues and vices of our times.

We have the ability to take that technology and use it for good. We have the ability to record video and audio. We can document injustice when we see it. We simply hashtag it #ThisIsWrong. When we do that, we capture and we bind injustice like wild beasts.

We tag it and we can put it in a virtual wildlife reserve. We have the power to do that if we just take our time. When you take the opportunity, and you see what’s going on the world, and you wonder what can you do when you see something wrong, these are the things that you can do.

We live in a world where things are happening at a steady pace, and we tend to be falling deeper and deeper into this hole. It’s time that we took control of our lives, and make sure that we are equipped to handle these situations. When our men go to Starbucks to convene with others, and they are mistreated and harassed by the waitstaff and local authorities. We have to have the guts to say, “This is wrong,” and do something.

When our migrant children are caged in internment camps and separated from their parents, we have to stand up for them and say, “This is wrong,” and do something. When our women are subjugated and objectified by powerful men, we have to have the courage to confront these men, and say, “This is wrong,” and do something.

When racists spew their hatred and exhort others to commit wicked acts, we must arrest their conduct, and say, “This is wrong,” and do something.

When our seniors have to make the decision as to whether or not they’re going to put food on their table or buy medicine, or when our most vulnerable citizens are being mistreated by those who are entrusted in their care, we have to stand up for them and say, “This is wrong,” and do something.

#ThisIsWrong, the hashtag, should become a movement for the entire world to see that there are certain behaviors that we find socially unacceptable and that we can change the hearts and minds of men to show them compassion and empathy, rather than ignorance and indifference. By hashtagging #ThisIsWrong, I believe that it will have a far greater impact in doing that than cement, cinder, and steel walls ever could.”

To see the TEDx Talk in its entirety visit https://youtu.be/WXIuOdn4vGc

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