J. Spearman & Local Marketing Trendsetters Of Volume 3 Fly To Amazon #1 Best Seller Lists

New York City Journalist and Marketing & Digital Presence Strategist of Quanta D!, J. Spearman, tops Amazon for #1 Best Seller with Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3 on January 15, 2016.

Journalist, Digital Marketing, Branding Strategist & Entrepreneur, Manager of Quanta D., J. Spearman, co-authored Local Marketing Trendsetters Vol. 3 and became a #1 Best Selling Author, receiving the status in 2 categories. The multi-author contribution and third volume of the series rose up the Amazon Best Seller lists to hit two #1 spots, awarding J. Spearman and the 11 other contributing Authors and Marketing Trendsetters the title of Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors.

Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3 began to climb through Amazon’s ‘Business & Money’ category, the sub-category of ‘Marketing & Sales’ and then into Advertising, taking Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3 into reaching #1 in Amazon’s ‘Entrepreneurship & Small Business.’ By the ending of the day, J. Spearman and fellow co-authors of Local Marketing Trendsetters Volume 3, continued to move through the ‘Business & Money’ category and again ranking through Amazon’s ‘Entrepreneurship & Small Business’ into the sub-category of ‘Entrepreneurship,’ then scoring their second #1 in ‘Advertising.’

J. Spearman says, “Being a lover of the strategies aiming to revive brands from local business to non-profits, as well as a huge fan of the Local Marketing Trendsetters series, it’s an exciting honor to now be a part of a group of ethical Marketing Strategists. I am happy to share my expertise to help local businesses achieve enhanced growth. To be a part of such a highly esteemed group of marketers and become a #1 Best Selling Author with them, for me, this is greater than a chance at winning the lotto.”

The Local Marketing Trendsetters book series is a compilation of conversations with leading Local Marketing Strategists. These experts share some of their chosen marketing strategies and innovative insights. The series is designed to assist local businesses in creating and implementing the local marketing campaigns that increase the probability of the brand’s success.

J. Spearman authored the chapter in volume 3, discussing a new aspect of branding, the Quanta D. ‘Digital Presence Method.’ Immersed in the study and application of real world and online marketing strategies for over 10 years, New York city based Entrepreneur and Marketing & Branding Specialist of Quanta D., J. Spearman is trained to help brands with “brand-specific” digital strategies. These strategies allow for local businesses and non-profits to create the type of digital presence that builds a brand in a way that increases sales or donations while enhancing the offline and online reputation of the brand.

To learn more about J. Spearman and the Quanta D. ‘Digital Presence Method,’ visit Quanta D.

Local Marketing Trendsetters Vol. 3 is available on amazon.com.