IT Expert Vikas Sood of Server Sentry Reveals How To Fortify Your IT Network From Malware Attacks That Cripple Business.

Vikas Sood, CEO of Server Sentry set out to help companies protect themselves from hackers intent on crippling business and stealing valuable data. He helps businesses manage, protect and simplify their IT network so they have total security and IT peace of mind.

Vikas Sood says “Malware has become uncontrollable. The rate at which malware and hackers are growing is enormous and it’s a huge challenge to safeguard data and networks and people just don’t understand the number of places malware can originate from. It can come through email and it can come through smart phones connecting to your system. The consequences of malware attacks—including Google blacklisting can be lethal.”

According to Sood, there is a real lack of understanding in the business community of the dangers posed by malware and people need to be educated on the simple solutions that can be implemented. A key issue is to ensure IT security is established outside of the business network to prevent intrusion from ever getting in. Once inside, huge damage can be caused to the business.

Most “off the shelf” solutions are installed inside the IT Network which means the threat is already in the system before it can be detected, and most of these store bought anti-virus and anti-malware solutions cannot keep up with the explosion of Malware circulating the internet.

Kevin Mitnick the renowned American computer consultant and author agrees: “malware is a significant threat because the mitigation, like antivirus software, hasn’t evolved to a point to really mitigate the risk to a reasonable degree”

Server Sentry provides a business with a total outsourced IT security solution. 40 specialist IT engineers oversee client security, ensuring every possible contingency is catered for. Server Sentry starts by ensuring documentation is set up correctly to maintain the network and records access and password details which are kept up-to-date. This is invaluable and something many businesses fail to do. They often leave this vital information to their IT person, with little to no knowledge of any of the details.

Vikas Sood relates a recent problem. “As happened recently, Server Sentry was called to a new client premises where their IT person had just gotten up and left after a dispute and had taken all access and password details with him, causing major problems for the company as no one could log in. It took us about a day to recover all the information, secure the system and re-set all access for the client. We then provided them with all the details for safe keeping”

As with all things important to business, do your own research when considering something as vital as IT security. Check out how long any potential supplier has been around, ask for testimonials, and make contact with them to check satisfaction levels before taking the leap.

IT Security is a major issue for all business. Get it wrong and downtime could end up costing you significantly in lost productivity, lost clients and lost sales.

To find out how to manage, protect and simplify your business IT network, visit the official website at where you can download a free guide: “The ‘No-Nonsense Complete and ’Up-to-Date’ Guide on How to efficiently Manage, Protect, and Simplify the IT Network in Your Business.”