Is Website Design For Manufacturing Companies Replacing The Sales Rep?

Understanding the value of being found on the Internet for the product and services they provide is finally reaching the industrial manufacturing industry. This industry may be one of the last holdouts to embrace the power of the Internet for visibility and marketing purposes. The days of the old school salesman selling industrial products is transitioning to having a strong Internet presence to reach buyers. Qualified buyers want to find and validate a company before they begin a dialogue.

The other traditional resource for manufacturing companies to be found was the big green book, the Thomas Register. Although this register moved exclusively as an online reference, manufacturers are beginning to see movement away from reliance on directories to more direct searches on Google by buyers. The reason for this, according to website design for manufacturing companies expert, Julie Stout, is the reluctance of people having to perform a double search to reach advertisers. The first search being on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, then a second search within Thomas Register results becomes twice the work. Once in Thomas Register directory, visitors quickly realize that the results are not based on relevancy, but who paid the most for their ad. Unless the industrial manufacturer wanted to pay for a premium listing, there is no detailed information or website link in the register.

Stout noted that the industrial directories were no longer working, and people are instead directly searching for what they need. Buyers are likely to avoid talking to salespeople until they have validated the company through their website.

Many of the specialty industrial manufacturing companies were started by a tradesman with a vision, whom one day decided to buy a machine and open his own shop. For this tradesman, the business would grow by print or word of mouth, but the expansion of the Internet opened competition nationwide. With more competition, the need for sophisticated online marketing has effectively grown beyond the skill set of the business owner. Many industrial manufacturers do not have a web presence and the positioning they need, and consequently lose business opportunities.

With a background in both manufacturing and marketing, Julie Stout, the owner of ADVAN Design in Stow, Ohio, has strongly focused her experience and skill set in the industrial manufacturing market. Having written website appropriate content for manufacturing companies that incorporate everything from plastics, polyurethane, forming, molding, machining, stamping, and forming, ADVAN Design has thrived in providing website design for manufacturing companies across the nation.

Stout explains how her website development firm is different from all the others. “It’s not about just building a website that looks good, it has to pre-qualify your company as the best solution for what the visitor is searching for. It needs perform well on the search engines so that you show up in the top 4 results when the visitor searches for your service.”

ADVAN Design went a step further and incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) factors throughout the development and design of the website, focusing on results while providing unique aesthetic design. In an age where customers can validate the industrial manufacturer via the internet rather than depending on a traveling salesperson, having the right website design is crucial to survival and growth. In a market to which it doesn’t want to be marketed, having the right content that is optimized for search engine algorithms is beyond the ability of most manufacturer owners.

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