Irene Redman Wants Us To Embrace The Rest Of Our Summertime

“Summer is still here… embrace it!” Beauty Expert, Irene Redman says. Summer requires some special beauty tricks and tips:

1. The sun, salt and chlorine will change colored hair. Before going into chlorinated or saltwater, rinse your hair in fresh water. The dry cuticles will soak up the salt or chlorinated water. However, if your hair is wet, it won’t soak up the salt or chlorinated water.

2. Another tip before going into a chlorinated pool would be to use leave-in conditioning treatment for your hair to protect it.

3. Do not over exfoliate in the summertime, as you might do in the winter. Exfoliating removes the top layer of skin making it more susceptible to sun burns.

4. Do not shampoo daily. It dries out your hair. Use a dry shampoo to help soak up any extra oils, making your hair healthier.

5. Instead of tanning your face, use a bronzer. Once again, that will be healthier for you and you will be happier with your face years later.

6. Always keep your summer make-up minimal. Minimal and sheer is the way to go when it is hot and muggy. Try to use tinted moisturizer rather than your normal foundation. Tinted moisturizer will still cover your flaws, but will be less cakey. When it is humid, your foundation can feel like it is melting off your face, whereas tinted moisturizer won’t. If you do use a tinted moisturizer, use one with an SPF in it.

7. Humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Instead of fighting the elements, go with it. For curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner. Your curls will be protected, but not frizzy.

8. If you have straight hair, let it dry naturally. Most hair has some wave in it. Beachy waves never go out of style!

9. Sand at the beach acts as a natural exfoliate for your feet. Use it!

10. Always drink plenty of water. Beauty starts from the inside.

 Irene Redman is the founder of Avenue Hair Styling and Day Spa. If you have any questions about hair and beauty care, please feel free to email her at: