Investment Properties Mexico Is Saving Real Estate Investors 10% In Cancun And Riviera Maya

Within just two years after expanding from real estate sales into full-service real estate development, Investment Properties Mexico has established itself as the largest real estate company and fastest growing development company in Mexico. In the process, they have revolutionized how Americans invest in property in Mexico with a client-focused business model that saves their clients 10% or more on their purchase.

Business is good for Investment Properties Mexico and their joint venture partners. Their first project sold out completely before they began construction, and current projects are selling at a rapid pace.

Having assembled solid financial resources, three staff architects, a comprehensive construction management team, and in-house marketing department, the real estate development company expects to build more than 100 new condos per year. This is great news for investors because Investment Properties Mexico’s pipeline of future projects is full for the next 36 months.

“We develop each project as if we are building it for ourselves,” says CEO Richard Houghton. “That approach motivates us to always source the best materials and decide on the best use of space. We’re constantly researching design projects from across the world to come up with fresh ideas for construction methods and environmentally friendly solutions.”

Investment Properties Mexico is able to deliver such great value to their clients because they have intentionally focused on developing lasting relationships in the region instead of attempting to hit a home run on every deal.

By signing long-term deals with their sub-contractors they are able to negotiate better rates for labor. Also, because of their high sales volume, they are also able to negotiate with vendors for lower prices on materials. These two components of their business model translate into high-quality craftsmanship and lower prices for buyers.

“Perhaps the most important key to our success in Mexico is that we listen to the wishes of our clients, then we create properties we know they’ll love and can’t find anywhere else,” says Houghton. “This is a crucial element of customer service that smaller real estate developers in Mexico overlook. We know that our long-term success in the Mexico market depends on developing strong relationships and developing high-quality properties.”

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