Internet Marketing Expert TC Bradley Helps Business Owners “Crack The Media Code” And Achieve Instant Celebrity Status

Nationally known and respected internet marketing expert, TC Bradley, Founder of is assisting small business owners from all walk of life to “crack the media code” and achieve what he calls “Instant Celebrity Status” within 48 hours. “I have seen firsthand what the power of becoming an ‘Expert Authority’ has meant in in my various businesses,” said Bradley. According to Bradley, people intuitively want to do business with a leader, the “expert authority” in their area, but few business owners know how to “crack the media code” and become that “go to” person in their field that customers seek out to do business with.

In 1987, TC Bradley hosted a radio talk show called “The Hour of Credit Power” on Chicago’s biggest Christian radio station, WYCA. He was 24 years old at the time and promoted a financial services company he owned. One day during the show he had a national expert on as his guest and afterward, his guest asked a  question that TC says forever changed his life. “TC, why are you not branding yourself as an expert in your field and doing seminars?” Bradley says now, “The truth is, I did not feel like an expert…I was only 24 years old.” The national expert explained, “TC, I have been all over the country and you actually know more about the subject matter than most ‘so called’ experts. I know if you are waiting on someone to come and anoint you as an ‘expert authority’ in your  industry then you will be waiting a long time.”

Bradley says, “How I viewed my business changed forever that day. Everyday I talk with business owners who were like I was in 1987, waiting on someone to anoint them as an “expert” and they are going to be waiting a long time…unless they reach out to me.” “Everyone would love to be the expert in their industry, in their city, but it is not going to happen by sitting around and waiting for someone to anoint you as the leader or expert,” Bradley added. That is where Bradley’s new media division comes into play.

“We assist entrepreneurs in getting broader exposure and position them as an expert/business celebrity for their industry by having what we call ‘spotlight articles’ that establish our client’s expert authority. Then, the article is syndicated out to dozens of authority media, TV and newspaper websites.” Bradley adds, “Anything we do for a client, we have first done for ourselves.” Bradley has been featured himself on major media websites for his businesses. Instant Celebrity Status is a game changer for most business owners today because in today’s research based buying environment, potential customers research a business on the Internet before doing business. Bradley says, “It is not good enough to just be ‘found’ on the Internet, you must give your customers a compelling reason to trust you and if they do, they will do business with you.”