Interior Designer, Kimberly Armstrong, Gives Families Organizing Options With Design Firm

A lack of home and office organizing options prompted Interior Designer Kimberly Armstrong to open an interior design business in New York, NY and Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Interior Designer Kimberly Armstrong, owner of Life Organized by Design, an interior design firm in New York, NY and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, has watched the challenges of staying organized and efficient affect more and more families over the past few years. After realizing there was a lack of functional home organizing services for young families, the Florida-based designer decided to open an agency that provides design driven organizational solutions for time-challenged families and businesses.

“I think that organizing becomes important for many people for different reasons. Some people feel like they are experiencing the avalanche of life, and some people are just fed up with stuff,” says Armstrong. Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living helped inspire Armstrong’s passion for creating practical, yet beautifully organized interior design spaces. Stewart stated, “Life is too complicated not to be orderly.”

Armstrong feels that when her clients alleviate some of their clutter and get down to the basics, the things that they need to live their lives, they feel lighter, more free and the changes really do change their life. With her education and experience in interior design she designs to provide her customers efficient, organized, inspirational spaces. Armstrong believes this style of design helps day-to-day function and provides efficient pathways for getting through today’s hectic world. She creates systems to make life easier. Life Organized by Design is building a loyal following of thrilled clients. “Kimberly is amazing. Closets are perfect, purging was organized and efficient.  She selected shower curtain, bath accessories for our guest bathroom and it looks wonderful. Created storage solutions for our young son’s ever growing toy collection. Great eye for staging, decorating, organizing.  Highly recommended,” says client, Janie Myers.

Most of her customers, Armstrong feels, need to reach a certain mindset before really allowing her systems to work. Armstrong expressed, “It’s really about changing the way you are going to live your life. It’s a constant battle, but it’s up to the individual to really be dedicated to want to make those changes.” Organizing your home, office and life can be overwhelming to many, as highlighted by television shows like “Hoarders,” a documentary series on A&E depicting the real-life struggles and treatment of people who suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder. Life Organized by Design’s mission is to help their clients achieve organizational peace and serenity while creating beautifully designed interior living spaces, long before they become buried under their own clutter.

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