Insurance Professional, Jessica Seagroves, Educates Her Clients On The Dynamic Of Love And Insurance

WoodmenLife representative, Jessica Seagroves, loves her company, its product and helping her clients. She could be considered a ‘matchmaker’ in the life insurance field helping her clients find a product they love as she pursues the best avenue for her clients’ success in planning their coverage.

Her philosophy about insurance is driven by her passion to help people prepare using a macro view of their lives. She feels strongly that life insurance benefits are for the living. In other words clients need to buy life insurance because those whom they love are going to live.

No matter what stage of life people are in, they appreciate this new perspective on an old theme. Life insurance is a way to pass down an everlasting love for many generations. As Jessica puts it, “Is there anything more beautiful than giving from the heart?”

Many of Jessica’s clients had not associated love and commitment with purchasing life insurance but she points out it truly is the last way to show the ones left behind how much they were loved.

Emotion shares the stage with logic when Jessica conveys her belief in life insurance as integral in an overall plan for every family’s future.

One of the big reasons is that she finds life insurance to be extremely versatile. She has seen that when the unexpected happens, life insurance can provide the foundation for overcoming financial loss, education for the children and lifetime income for the surviving spouse. Jessica also asks clients to consider using life insurance as a strategic financial tool which can provide peace of mind, happiness and contentment for each family. She firmly believes that life insurance is about relationships and protecting those who find themselves financially dependent on her clients. She insists that life insurance should be a pillar of every personal financial plan.

Jessica believes that confidence, trust, protection, planning, and security are all things everyone would want to bestow to a loved one. She feels that WoodmenLife is a very unique company which afforded her a privilege by allowing her to serve members in a creative and imaginative way. Her business mission to protect families from financial hardship, provide opportunities to help her community and educate people about how to use life insurance, aligns directly with that of WoodmenLife.

Since 1890 the non-profit, fraternal benefit company has been dedicated to bolstering communities by encouraging its representatives to participate locally in patriotic events, academic achievements and environmental consciousness.

Toward that end Jessica is involved with local charity and business events and is an active member of the Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce. This prodigious amount of work has resulted in her election as Vice-President of that Chamber and also earned her its Business of the Year award, representing WoodmenLife.

Well respected and popular Hope Mills Chamber President, Jan Spell, is delighted and not surprised at Jessica’s achievements, “I love what Jessica has accomplished! She is a great asset to our Chamber and a wonderful ambassador.  She is energetic, enthusiastic and gets things done, both for her company and our community.”

Love will be a continuing theme in Jessica’s daily pursuit of helping clients with insurance and investment products and services. Jessica sums it up this way, “When crafted properly a life insurance policy is like a lasting love letter to the people one cares about. I help families say ‘I love you’, and I love the fact that I get to do it every day. “

Contact Jessica at her office:

414 E Mountain Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28306
Phone: (910) 485-1577

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