In Response to The Bad Economy, Dr. Andrew Stoddard Announces Solutions to Keep You Healthier Longer.

Dr. Andrew Stoddard of The Center For Dental Excellence, shares the secrets of a healthier body through a healthier mouth, to help control the overburdening personal costs of healthcare. The focus is
on helping people achieve their best results for overall health using latest technologies and techniques for oral health and beauty.

“One of the main things I see holding people back from better health is either the loss of a tooth or ill fitting dentures,” said Dr. Stoddard. “Today it is so simple for us to repair a broken tooth, replace a missing tooth or securely anchor ill fitting dentures. It is more expensive, in both monetary and emotional costs, to put off any needed oral works. New technologies and advancing techniques in the field of dentistry allow us to make speedy repairs and have our patients out the door with proper functioning teeth.  They can again appreciate not only the food they enjoy but they can also maintain the alignment and strength of their upper and lower jaws.  Dental implants can keep the jaws from deteriorating due to improper, uneven chewing and the natural processes of bone loss that occur after tooth loss.”

The Mayo Brothers of the Mayo Clinic’s Wisdom, echos Dr. Andrew Stoddard’s statements of oral health affecting body health as well as maintaining your looks.

The Mayo Clinic elaborated, “If you have gaps in your smile where your permanent teeth used to reside, you may find that more is missing from your life than just teeth. You may also miss out on good nutrition and even social engagements.”

Dental implants are, simply put, a prosthetic tooth root replacement. This prosthetic root can be placed in the jaw and used to support a replacement tooth, multiple teeth, or denture. This implant process can be used for soon-to-be dentures wearers or for current denture wearers often using your existing dentures.  Dental implants can even be used to fabricate dentures that do NOT come out.  They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

The advantages go beyond the retention and stability of dentures or the replacement of a missing tooth.  Implants can transfer much of the chewing force to the jaw bones relieving discomfort and sore spots and vastly improving your ability to eat and chew improving your diet and overall health.  Dental implants can improve speech and confidence as well.

The implant process done by The Center For Dental Excellence is not just theory, as Dr. Andrew Stoddard has been delivering result to many satisfied customers for some time.

“With great appreciation I would like to thank Dr. Stoddard and his staff.  In my numerous appointments I have had the most professional, best dental service with excellent results.  This has been the best dental care I have had in my seventy years!  I have experienced little to no discomfort.  Dental Excellence is truly what I have received in this dental office!”  – Rick Schultz

“Dr. Stoddard and staff were outstanding in every aspect of the word!  Painless! Painless! Painless!  Go visit Dr. Stoddard and his team and you’ll know what I mean!”  – Joe Whales

“I’m immensely happy with Dr. Stoddard’s work.  I highly recommend him and his staff.  He recently did two crowns on me and the procedures for both teeth went very smoothly.”  – Ann Mercaldo

If you have a missing tooth or ill fitting dentures and wish to improve not only your comfort but your confidence as well, you can contact Dr. Andrew Stoddard at The Center For Dental Excellence in Pocatello, Idaho for a free consultation at or call his office at (208) 238-0011 to set up a time for your consultation.