In Response to Recent Addiction Concerns, The Addictions Academy Announces Sober Companion and Safe Transport Course with New Instructor Joe Turner

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have a new instructor for their Nationally Certified Sober Companion and Safe Transport Course. Joe Turner, founder of the Recovery Warriors has been announced as the new lead instructor for this important course offering.
Estes said, “Joe is a perfect fit for this and he’s excited to share some insider strategies. His Recovery Warriors foundation has helped men and women all over the world find recovery and he has personally transported hundreds successfully to their new lives.”
Up until now, there has been no real certification or training process for the people that provide these services and it was merely based on the honor system of years in recovery off of a 12-step model of peer support.
The Nationally Certified Sober Companion and Safe Transport Course covers all facets of sober escort services. With training as a Safe Transport professional, students will be able to take their ‘street knowledge’ and personal experience in the addiction recovery world and add some solid training in the addiction industry. In addition to gaining a wealth of new knowledge and understanding of the addiction process, you will also learn the ethical and legal side of companionship and transports. 
“If you are toting clients around in your personal vehicle you need this class,” Dr. Estes explained. “To protect yourself and your clients, it’s important to have all the right pieces in place.”
As we head into 2019, early reports show the nation’s opioid crisis has reached new proportions in 2018, continuing to increase from the unbelievable 70,000 deaths we saw in 2017. Overdose deaths are now higher than deaths from H.I.V, car crashes, or gun violence at their peaks. 
The New York Times recently highlighted “The recent increases in drug overdose deaths have been so steep that they have contributed to reductions in the country’s life expectancy over the last three years, a pattern unprecedented since World War II. Life expectancy at birth has fallen by nearly four months, and drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for adults under 55.”
Nearly 200 people are succumbing to overdose every day in the United States right now, with some areas of the country seeing hundreds of calls daily for heroin overdose.
Dr. Estes has a goal: to get as many professionally trained recovery coaches and interventionists out there as possible. Structured, professional help from trained and certified addiction recovery coaches and interventionists can often be the difference between life and death.
As part of this ambitious goal, Dr. Estes has realized that many of those who are trained to help are improperly transporting those needing help to treatment centers and other facilities. The Addictions Academy’s Sober Companion and Safe Transport Course is specifically designed to help make sure both clients and Recovery professionals are safe and following accepted industry guidelines.
“In recent years, we have seen a current rise in treatment that calls for more diversity in services that the addiction industry can provide for clients,” Estes recently said.
She went on, “In addition, a higher caliber of clientele requires a higher caliber of training.”
Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy have been offering a wide-ranging assortment of advanced training for years in an on-going effort to counteract the growing addiction problem. The Academy has more than 30 faculty teaching over 40 courses in five different languages. Program graduates can be found in 23 countries helping address the addiction problem worldwide.
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The first offering for the Sober Companion and Safe Transport Course is set to run January 10-11th, 2019.
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