In Response to High Property Taxes M.R.S. Commercial Real Estate Consultants Announce Relief For Over Taxed Property Owners

Marwan R. Saqr of M.R.S. Commercial Real Estate Consultants announces service to help assess if over taxed commercial and residential property owners are eligible for a property tax reduction.

“With the steep decline in property values across the country since 2008 many property owners don’t realizes that they have been overpaying on their property taxes for years”, said property tax appeal expert Marwan R. Saqr. “Your local county assessor’s office is not going to automatically drop your property tax bill as values decline. And if for some reason you should be lucky enough to receive an unsolicited reduction from the county the dollar value is rarely commiserate with the actual declines in value; meaning you are still over paying”.

John Wasik, Financial Columnist for Reuter’s news service echoes Mr. Saqr’s statements concerning property taxes and county officials. “It’s never made more sense to challenge your home assessment than it does now, although relatively few do. Some 11 million properties are underwater, meaning due to equity loss, the mortgages on these homes exceed the value of the properties, according to CoreLogic. Taxes will not necessarily track the depleted equity values, so you have to see if your local assessor has valued your property correctly.”

This is why property owners need a property tax appeal expert with years of experience who has literally negotiated thousands of property tax appeals.  This professional will represent the property owner in all the dealings with the county creating a much greater chance for success.

Mr. Saqr and his team work closely with their clients to fully understand their current real estate situation to ensure the highest chance of success.

This solution is not just theory. Mr. Saqr and M.R.S. consultants have successfully provided these services to property owners for years.

“The service and personal attention we received from M.R.S. Commercial is exceptional. Their knowledge base of the local market and their key contacts in the community is very impressive. They are truly a high-caliber team and I would definitely recommend their services.”  Said Alex Yamolinsky – CFO MMC INC.

Sunil Thadani of Comfort Inn Hotels shared his experience with Mr. Saqr and M.R.S Consultants “During the past nine years I have worked directly with Marwan R. Saqr on numerous appeals of property taxes on my various locations. On each occasion, they have successfully reduced the property tax burden. “

To get more information about the property tax appeal process in over 20 states please visit the official company website for M.R.S. Commercial Real Estate Consultants