In Response To Chronic Pain, Chiropractor Dr. David Dahmer Delivers Natural Pain Relief

Dr. David Dahmer of Family Chiropractic Health Center utilizing his 30+ years of experience consistently diagnoses and treats chronic pain naturally. “I have been blessed with the ability to diagnose the causes of chronic pain and deliver relief to my patients. Consequently I receive a lot of referrals, many traveling great distances to see me,” says Dr. Dahmer. “I focus on what causes the pain and how my patients can prevent future pain. After over 30 years helping patients, I have treated patients and their families with great success, from infants to the elderly.”

Thomas Edison is credited with timeless statements that echo Dr. Dahmer’s over 100 years ago. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention  of disease.” Most patients are seeking relief from chronic pain while avoiding drugs and their associated cost and side effects. Dr. Dahmer has proven adept at diagnosing the cause of pain and treating it naturally through spinal adjustment, without need for drugs. Dr. Dahmer has been successfully treating patients in this manner for over 30 years.

“I started coming to Dr. Dahmer for chiropractic care because of lower back pain and neck pain. Over the course of the last year my symptoms are completely gone. I no longer have any back pain and my range of motion in the movement of my neck has improved greatly along with no more pain,” says Anita Cross.

Dawn Thompson says, ” I have double scoliosis (w/rods). “Dr. D.,” as we call him, was able to fix a chronic lower back pain on my first visit, by adjusting my atlas (neck). My 12 year old son started coming several months ago, where it was discovered that he has curvature of the spine also. A visit to the scoliosis doctor (and x-rays) last week revealed that he has zero degrees now!”

For more info visit his website or call (352) 596-1900.