In Response To Another Bore Collapse, Deps States Only Use AS1477 Certified Pipe

Deps P/L of Australia, a manufacturer of bore casing, screens and accessories, supports the use of only pipe that meets  As1477  by purchasing pipe and fittings were possible from local manufacturers such as Pipemakers, Vinidex and Iplex. By supplying pipes that are made in Australia and meet As1477 , the Consultant, Driller, Engineer  and end user such as a Farmer know that their criteria for the project is met, and the casing will have the strength to withstand the setting depth or collapse pressure.

In this case, a Farmer in NSW is taking the Driller, Importer and Pipe Manufacturer to court for the costs of a collapsed bore, the collapsed bore putting his livelihood at risk. The New York Times commented in “The Price of Made in China” report that six bridges have collapsed in China due to shoddy construction and inferior building materials and that many dealers do not take into consideration the additional costs that buying ‘Made in China’ brings.” Australian Competition and Consumer Commission states, “Under Australian product safety laws, importers are treated as manufacturers in the supply chain and must follow the rules set out by ACCC.”

By using Australian made pipes and products you can guarantee the quality of the product such as AS1477 on Pvc, if you need assurance that it meets this standard then we can supply a copy of the standards that the pipe we are selling meets As1477, which is also what “The Minimum Bore” standards require. The manufacturing and products from Deps managed by Victor Little has been delivering specialized piping solutions to Drillers, Plumbers, Engineers, Consultants and Resellers around the world in many fields for over 20 years.

Customer Alana, of Highland Drilling says, “I would like to thank you very much for the effort you went to get the pipe correct, it is an important contract for our company and I think in the future they will want to use more of it.” Jye, of Aqua Drilling, a division of Boart Longyear says,”Your pipes are much stronger than the imported ones we are using at the moment, when we push down these imported ones they flex yours don’t, I’d much prefer to use yours.”