In Response To A Bad Economy Attorney Christie Arkovich Offers Foreclosure And Bankruptcy Option

Attorney Christie Arkovich of Christie D. Arkovich, PA offers a boutique law practice specializing in bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. The firm also offers help with loan modifications, bankruptcy, creditor harassment, short sales, and burdensome student loans. “We have found that people coming to us for help with foreclosure generally have other financial problems as well,” says Christie Arkovich Esq. “That is why we developed our practice into a boutique firm so we could offer terrific service and handle most any financial problem someone might have including debt collection calls, short sales, rebuilding credit and qualifying for a mortgage or even bankruptcy. That allows us to continually provide better service than is expected and separates us from other firms.”

Best-selling author Og Mandino echoes Arkovich’s statements on the importance offering exceptional service. Mandino said, “Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.” This is about meeting people’s needs. Someone may come for help with foreclosure defense and during the initial interview it is discovered that they also are having trouble with creditor harassment. Most law firms that handle foreclosure defense don’t offer other services.

This boutique law firm approach has benefited many clients over the years and they have been lavish with their praise. “I cannot express the gratitude for everyone’s help at your firm with this temporary obstacle I’ve had over the last few years and I will always remember your firms help. I can truly say at all times from start to finish that every detail was handled with professionalism and care and I never felt my case was ‘just another case’ lost in the shuffle. Thank you very much for the excellent dedication to your clients!” said Aaron Stachowiak.

“I highly, highly, highly recommend hiring Christie Arkovich. From my very first phone call to her firm it was her, the actual attorney, who was answering my questions and taking my call. Every time I placed a call or sent an email, Christie contacted me back immediately and always thoroughly made sure my questions or concerns were resolved. I haven’t experienced many industries that have made me feel so valued as a client. I was pleasantly surprised to find a busy attorney who made me feel so important. I am very thankful for the services Christie and her firm provided,” said Jennifer Gregory.

Additional information can be found on Attorney Arkovich’s website or by phone (831) 258-2808.