How a Bankrupt, Obese, Ex-Walmart Employee Discovered a Little Known Secret That Can Transform Your Life

Todd Gaster is a wealth, health, happiness, and success expert who challenges his clients with one shockingly revealing question: “Is your mind your friend or foe? ”

“If you are a coach, consultant, trainer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, or marketer you must give serious consideration to this question,” urges Todd. “Your success in your life and in your business depends not just on your answer, but what you are willing to do after you’ve answered the question.”

During his webinars and when coaching clients, Todd shares the story of how he transformed himself from a bankrupt, obese, ex-Walmart employee into a confident and successful professional.

“The difference between who you are today and who you will be tomorrow depends on your mindset,” explains Todd. “Without a total shift in your mindset, you will never reach your goals.”

In Lindsay Lohan’s new intervention reality show Lindsay, the self-sabotaging performer describes herself as a “prisoner.” It’s Oprah Winfrey who introduces Lindsay to reality when she tells Lindsay, “You need to cut the bulls—t.”

It takes more than goal setting and willpower for a person to change their circumstances. “You may not be dealing with the tremendous and extremely public struggles Lindsay Lohan is facing, but the success principles still apply,” says Todd. “You’ve got to get out of your own way.”

As a licensed Neuro-Semantics trainer, Todd understands why most people know exactly what they need to do to succeed in their personal lives, in their relationships, and in their business but still don’t take sustained action. The most difficult barrier to success is the mind.

People who don’t achieve their goals are limited by a belief system that stands in their way. Todd helps his clients make their thoughts and emotions work for them so that they can enjoy lasting wealth and happiness.

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