Houston Family Attorney Susan Kherkher Helps Families Before, During And After Divorce

Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher helps people struggling through the difficult process of divorce and works with her clients to try other options prior to following through with a divorce. Kherkher was recently interviewed for Legal News Media Source and also published on CNN. People in need of helpful information regarding whether or not to proceed with a divorce can listen in on a live interview with her. In the interview Kherkher shares important information on what steps a person should take and questions to ask when they first start searching for the right attorney that will be the best fit for their specific needs. Then she shares the top 7 tips or rules to follow in the divorce process should someone choose to go forward.

Kherkher discusses how to manage expectations, children’s needs, the property division, play fair, and come out of it and still be able to move forward in a very productive way. She states, “This is a very delicate and emotionally charged time in people’s lives and I believe it does not have to be such a battle.” Kherkher insists that there must be a good fit between the client and herself, the attorney. She says it’s very important for there to be compatible personalities between herself and her clients as well. She also wants to make certain her clients are absolutely ready to go forward with the life altering process of divorce. She takes her clients through a process of clearly determining that all other remedies have been exhausted, helps to make sure that marriage counseling has been done and proven to be unsuccessful and there is truly no other better alternative.

She strongly encourages her clients to exhaust every remedy to preserve the marriage if possible, particularly if there are children involved. Kherkher truly believes the mediation process is productive and her clients can put all their wishes, hopes and dreams on the table and they can work together to get as close to accomplishing those goals as possible. Clients that hire Susan Kherkher as their attorney are given complete access to her as their counselor and she makes herself available to them without delay in case they need to reach her.

Susan Kherkher’s law firm is located in downtown Houston at 712 Main Street, Suite 2450, Houston, TX 77002. Please call her office at (713) 223-8700 or email her at Susan@KherkherLawFirm.com to schedule a free consultation. To listen to Susan Compton Kherkher’s Live Interview, go to: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1161967.