Henare and Kate O’Brien: Self-Development Coaches Enable Inner and Outer Success for Others

Born and raised in New Zealand, both Henare and Kate O’Brien experienced struggles early in their lives. Over time, they found the strength to overcome these obstacles and experienced success in their lives that many would envy.

Henare was a professional basketball player with all the trappings of success – lots of money, travel to beautiful places, many friends and a carefree lifestyle.

Kate overcame anorexia and depression to become a nurse who created an acclaimed national training program which was nominated for a health award.

Despite all this outer success, they found themselves questioning what else there was besides the life they were living. There was a feeling and a sense that something very important was missing from their lives.

According to Kate, “We had those big times that were real down, but once we got through that and we really pulled together, we really worked on ourselves and we created a huge amount of success in our lives. But also what we found was that that level of success, it was great on some levels, but there was still this niggle inside that there was something more and it was difficult, because we couldn’t quite put our finger on what that was.”

They made the critical decision to pour their resources into discovering what the missing elements were in their lives and they have studied with many self-development and marketing masters. They decided to learn from those who had created both the inner and outer success that they knew would, in the end, count for something.

Through trial and error and much self-exploration, they have both come to a place where they have not only outer success but inner success as well. Kate and Henare both feel that it is only through having experienced their own personal struggles and gone through deep self-exploration that they have acquired the knowledge and experiences that enable them to help others in their personal journey to inner success.

Kate and Henare have found that having found inner success has enabled them to not only have great personal relationships and lives, but they have increased the success in their professional lives as well.

They’ve recently moved into a two million dollar house, but Kate says, “As we moved into this house a couple of weeks ago, it’s a stunning house that’s beautiful. I said to myself that actually this stuff is great, but it’s actually not the be all and end all. What is really important to me is that I know that inside I’ve created an internal happiness that when I’m looking back, I know I’m not going to have any regrets. I’m going to feel incredibly satisfied.”

Together, as the creators of a program called GameChanger, Henare and Kate support others in their own journeys to creating unprecedented success in their lives. They find that having gone through their own personal transformation, they are able to help others with authenticity and experience. A key part of Kate and Henare’s program is holding others accountable as they start their journeys.

According to Henare, “Neuroscientists now tell us that five percent of who we are is our conscious thinking. And ninety-five percent of who we are is our feelings, sensations, emotions. They now know that the mind of a person is not just up in the head, it’s the whole person. And so a lot of the times, when we’re working with people, they have this feeling inside that they’re not meeting their purpose or there’s something else and sometimes they’re not able to articulate it, but they know it’s there.

So that’s the problem – that people don’t know what the problem is sometimes, which can be even more annoying, because they’re going towards something in their conscious mind that doesn’t satisfy them fully in their whole mind.”

Using their GameChanger program, the goal for Henare and Kate is to help others reach a level of inner success. They work with people all around the world. The best part for Henare is, “We get to see sparkly eyes again. You know when you look at children and they’re three years old and they have that sparkle in their eye? That’s a wonderful thing to see in an adult.”

Part of the professional success that Henare and Kate feel is the knowledge that they’ve helped to change others’ lives for the better – helping them to achieve inner and outer success.

To learn more about Henare and Kate O’Brien, visit http://www.HenareandKate.com.