Height Calculator for Growing Teens (How Tall Will I Be?)

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In ideal conditions, a child will grow to the average height of both parents. Genetics is one of the most critical influences in growing tall. Regardless, every individual is different, and so the genetic factor can vary.

And apart from the genes, other factors determine how tall you become, and they include nutrition, activity, and habits. Consequently, it is not always simple to answer the question “how tall will I be” sufficiently.

Height Calculators apply statistical averages to estimate the most probable height of an individual in the future.

The different approaches that you can use

One of the most straightforward techniques is to estimate how tall you will be in the future is by taking the average height of both parents. If a boy, add 2.5 inches. If it is a girl, you deduct 2.5 inches.

Unfortunately, various factors can stand in the way of attaining parental height, and that includes the presence of different gene characteristics, some of which may be recessive. There are also environmental factors, such as activity level and nutrition.

Another simple method is by multiplying the height of your two years old boy by 2. For the girl; you multiply their height by 2 when they are 18 months old. The same factors that affect the above method will also affect this one. The method is not entirely accurate, but it is always interesting to have a rough figure regarding your child’s height in the future.

The Khamis-Roche Method Is quite popular, and it uses various factors that include the height of both parents, the weight of the child at the current age and current height. The method is a bit more accurate than the above approaches. It is also safe, and in the majority of the cases, you don’t need to do the calculations yourself. You can input the information in an online calculator and get the estimated height.

More advanced methods include the Tanner-Whitehouse method, and it involves the use of bone age by observing the radiograph and applying various calculations. The technique is a bit complicated and not always available. It may also not be very safe.

Using Growth Charts

You can determine the growth situation of the child by using the growth charts provided by the CDC. They are up to 16 growth charts with percentile curves indicating various measurements of the body, and you can use it to evaluate the status of your child’s height growth. You can use the expected values to compare them against your child’s head circumference, height, and weight.

Ideally, the child will maintain a constant growth curve, and so you can use this method to tell how tall they will be in the future.


Various factors will affect the adult height of the child, but the most important is genes. In the majority of the cases, children will inherit the height of both parents, if all the other factors are constant and ideal. There are different methods that you can use to estimate the adult height of a child, but you shouldn’t bank on it too much. There are numerous genes involved, but it doesn’t hurt to have a rough figure.

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