Haleema Shafeek, multi-award winning business management expert, provides winning business solutions for service-disabled veterans

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Every veteran has special skills they obtained in the course of serving their country. The president of Green Office Furniture Solutions, Haleema Shafeek, is on a mission to teach fellow veterans how they, too, can use their skills to achieve financial freedom.

Haleema Shafeek is a multi-award winning business management expert who focuses on providing professional interior design experience as well as general office supplies and flooring solutions. As a U.S. Army veteran (service-disabled) and Voc-Rehab graduate who holds a degree in Interior Design, Haleema beat all odds to become her own boss as a veteran. Her story drives her interest in empowering women to generate income through a number of easily accessible resources, as she seizes any given opportunity to teach about this subject to those who are interested in becoming financially free.

“I want them to know that they are not alone and that there are resources available, along with a network of people who care. I want women who have served to know that they can be mothers, spouses, and successful businesswomen because they have special skills that were obtained in the course of serving our country,” Haleema explains

Haleema Shafeek was once in the situation most veterans are today—thinking of what to do post-service—but today, her company GOFS, LLC, is full-blown, active in government contracting, holds its own GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts, and has been awarded over 350 national contracts, totaling more than $5.2 million to date.

Coming from a business management background, Haleema understands the demands and challenges veterans face—which their skills can easily combat. She is also experienced in helping female veterans learn how to get started in entrepreneurship, even if they lack sufficient funding.

Her newest project is an upcoming book, Fields to Boardrooms: Conversations with Veteran Business Leaders, where she shares about how veterans, in general, can become successful entrepreneurs through their service-acquired skills. This book is scheduled to be released on Amazon in the spring of 2019. To learn more about Haleema Shafeek, send an email to haleema@gofsllc.com  or visit www.GOFSLLC.com.

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