Guests Sought For New Radio Show: Spiritual Destination From Angel Ministries Of Florida

Angel Ministries of Florida has teamed up with host Tamara Patzer to produce and create “Spiritual Destination,” an online radio show to be available via iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, YouTube and soon iHeart Radio. The Spiritual Destination Radio Show is an educational and informational program featuring guests who help others understand mind, body and soul spiritual connections. Currently, Spiritual Destination is interviewing guests who are thought leaders, innovators and practitioners with knowledge related to mind, body, and soul topics. For example, light workers, healers, health practitioners, advisors, psychics, mediums and spiritual leaders are encouraged to contact Patzer.

Interviews are approximately 25-40 minutes in length and pre-interview questions are provided prior to the recorded audio interview. Upcoming interviews include conversations with Shaman Elka Boren and Transformational Coach Marty L. Ward. Selected interviews will be featured in “Spiritual Destinations” book, which will be available via Kindle and Amazon as well as in selected bookstores and via Angel Ministries website:

“The timing for this online radio show and book is perfect,” said Rev. Pat Charnley of Angel Ministries in Venice, Florida. “People are ready for this information. Just recently, Newsweek had a special edition featuring Spiritual Living topics related to mind, body, and soul.” The Pew Research Religious Landscape Study reports that Americans are becoming less religious, but report they are more spiritual. Between 2007 and 2014, people who reported wondering about the universe grew from 39% to 46%, while people who felt a deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being and wonder grew from 52% to 59%.

Tamara Patzer, host of Spiritual Destination, is a certified Silva Method instructor and also hosts Business Innovators Radio Show on iHeart Radio. Patzer’s company is Blue Ocean Authority, a division of Total Audience Market Immersion TAMI, LLC headquartered in Florida. Patzer produces other programs including Creativity Sparks Journal, a radio show focusing on creativity. She has interviewed several coloring book authors about their coloring books and services. Among them are: Kim A. Flodin, Anne Manera, Kimberly Garvey, Alice Best Jackson, Martini Terri, Lisa Greenhut, and  Barbara Lanza.

To apply to become a guest on “Spiritual Destination,” send an email request to Subject: Spiritual Destination.”

The Angel Ministries is located at 2269 South Tamiami Trail in Venice, Florida. The phone number is (941) 492-4995. There are three weekly services: Thursday at 6:30 p.m. is a Healing and Message Service; and Sunday Worship Services are at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. There are guest speakers, music, and meditation. The first 1/2-hour prior to the service is devoted to healing with trained Spiritual Healers.