Greg W. Anderson Featured on Cover of Top Marketer Magazine

Greg W. Anderson, known as “The Architect” was featured on the cover on Top Marketer Magazine this month, an honor reserved for only the top 12 internet marketing professionals each year.

Anderson is the creator of the “Jumping The Gap” program, a system that helps entrepreneurs build a seven figure business online.

The success of his clients caught the attention of Top Marketers Magazine, and they reached out to profile Anderson and learn about his system for success.

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In one of the highlights of the interview, Top Marketer Magazine asked Anderson, “What do you believe was the secret to your success online?”

Anderson answered, “The reality is that I have learned to trust myself which allows me to make mistakes on purpose just to see what happens. Don’t get me wrong, when I make a decision I never hope it’s a wrong one but I give myself the freedom to know if something turns out wrong I will learn 10 valuable lessons from it. I never beat myself up over failures anymore. I realize that with the failures I would never have true and lasting success.”

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