Glen Rothquel Advises Business Owners On Growth Strategy

With the sad global economy lots of business owners are turning to outside consultants for information and help on how to grow their businesses. The Internet is changing so fast most business owners don’t have the time to step away from their business to keep up with all these changes. Glen Rothquel, is a business growth consultant with over 25 years of experience. He brings knowledge in many different industries including retail, wholesale and service industries. He’s been a part of over 20 businesses and even taken some public with initial stock offerings.

Rothquel brings this real world business experience to bear for his clients. He says, “When looking at which business growth consultant to hire it can be tough because of the similar offerings. What’s unique about me is my real-world business experience starting, growing, and selling businesses. I bring this ‘in the trenches’ real-world business building knowledge to the table and apply it for my clients. I know what works and what doesn’t work. With me it’s not just theory. My clients get the benefit of tactics I’ve used successfully in the real world.”

The idea of hiring a consultant who had a business in a specific industry and then sold it is very valuable to a business owner. Business owners don’t have time for fluff. They only have time and resources to invest in growth activities that are proven to work.

Rothquel continues, “I call it my ‘4 P’s’ process. The first step is Positioning. This is simply giving the potential customer good reasons to choose my client. This step includes getting media mentions and dialing in very clear communications to their target market. The second step is Packaging. This is where we put together lead generation pages and marketing materials. The third step is Promoting. This is where we do advertising online and off-line as well as promoting through strategic partners. The fourth step is Prosper. This is where we help our client continue to communicate and make further sales to the customers they already have.”

“These steps are sequential. The end goal is to get the customer to spend more, buy more often, love the customer experience, and rave about it to their friends referring those friends to my client,” adds Rothquel.

The biggest challenge many businesses face is lead generation. Even businesses that have been around for 10 years or 20 years are having difficulty generating quality leads because the technology and platforms where potential customers spend time changes so rapidly. Rothquel advises, “Almost every potential client I speak to has problems with lead generation, making more sales, and cash flow struggles. So I take them through a sequential process to solve these three issues. There are things we can do with their existing customers to solve those cash flow issues very quickly.”

Every business owner would do well to set aside a little time for marketing and marketing strategy. As the Internet gives customers more power and provides two-way communication between them and businesses, marketing strategy and personal connections are going to be increasingly important in the coming years. Learn more about Glen Rothquel’s system at: