Glen Campbell, Strategic Branding Expert, Cautions Leaders to Grow Their Organization’s Brand by First Developing Their Personal Brand

Strategic branding expert, Glen Campbell, believes that “effective brands emanate from self-aware leaders who make decisions with unwavering internal certainty, and make promises that his or her company consistently exceeds, in an emotionally connected way.” That’s the type of remarkable brand that he helps his clients create – by first helping them develop their personal brand through The Brandheart Method.

“Any leader of an organization who has ‘gone within,’ and has developed a clear understanding of their best self and how to resonate, is more likely to turn their business into a powerful and enduring brand,” explains Campbell.

Campbell has written observational profiles for several business leaders to illustrate how their personal brand drives their organization’s brand. One of his favorites is Oprah Winfrey because her entire Oprah brand is so clear and focused that it is easily recognizable in her personal life and all of her business activities.

Campbell observes that Oprah discovered her personal brand a long time ago and is amazingly consistent and authentic in how she lives it. Her pulse is about encouraging everyone she touches to overcome their own challenges and live their best life. As her best self she is warm, open, and forgiving. She is a truth seeker and educator who shares insights and wisdom about life to help people chart their own best course. As a result of consistently living her personal brand, she has profoundly impacted millions of lives.

The celebrity talk show host, actor, movie producer, and media mogul is about to embark on an eight-city tour that will further reinforce and deepen her personal brand. The theme of the tour is “empowerment, resilience, and authenticity.” During the Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Tour, she will be able to interact with her fans in a way that she hasn’t been able to since she ended the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011.

“Oprah is a dramatic but very powerful example that people get,” acknowledges Campbell. “She bears testimony to the fact that anyone is able to get this kind of self-awareness and clarity of purpose and values. These are the qualities that enable people to develop the unwavering internal certainty that will drive them to achieve their own greatness. My unique and powerful personal branding method helps people to do that just as effectively.”

Campbell reminds his clients that every minute of every day is full of insecurity and things we can’t control. How, then, is it possible for leaders to overcome external uncertainty with internal uncertainty? The result will be chaos…thus the need to have a personal brand and unwavering internal certainty.

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