Glen Campbell, Strategic Brand Management Expert, Is Rescuing “Branding” From the Buzzword Trash Heap One CEO at a Time

In a world of increasing uncertainty, complexity, and global competition, business leaders are struggling to build the reputation of their brand and grow revenue. Leading strategic brand management consultant Glen Campbell is refocusing the attention of CEOs on their personal brand, and why who they are as leaders is what drives the success of their organization.

“Business leaders all over the world are seeking to turn their business into a leading brand without a solid understanding of what a ‘brand’ really is, or where it emanates from,” explains Glen. “A brand isn’t a new logo stamped everywhere, catchy advertising, or a cool social media campaign. A great brand starts with a self-aware leader who makes promises that his people are very happy to keep, or exceed, in an emotionally compelling way.”

When business leaders talk about branding, what they really want is to grow revenue by attracting loyal customers. “The goal is simple,” says Glen. “However, only a rare few understand WHAT actually builds brand reputation and HOW to do it.”

Glen has studied, torn apart, and reconstructed every aspect of organizational and personal branding into what he calls The Brandheart Method. “I’ve spent more than 65,000 hours working with hundreds of CEOs developing some of the world’s most recognized brands – that work shaped The Brandheart Method,” shares Campbell.

“An organization cannot succeed unless its leader is operating from a point of unwavering internal certainty and positivity, so the branding needs to start with discovering the leader’s brilliance first. This – consistently portrayed – creates a powerful domino effect that can rapidly transform a struggling business into a remarkable market-leading brand.”

The Brandheart Method best accelerates brand connection in a way that consistently surprises and delights customers, causing them to engage more deeply and more often. “Leaders who use The Brandheart Method in their organization can weather any change in technology and consumer trends and build engaged communities that don’t stray,” says Glen.

David Kelynack, CEO of 2020 Exchange, an organization that focuses on accelerated leadership development for CEOs, has this to say about Glen’s approach. “Glen has played a major role in the success of 2020 Exchange. He worked with me to develop my personal brand, which I found a profound experience, and then helped to develop an outstanding brand strategy and business plan including our graphic identity, product development and online strategies. Our vision and brand has quickly attracted some of the best and brightest CEO’s in Australia.”

To move from buzzword to creating a category-leading brand through emotional connectivity, start by visiting There you can learn more about Glen’s Brandheart Method and download his free white paper series.