Gilbert Pain Management Clinic Pivonka Health & Wellness Brings On Dr. Jeffrey Cottingham D.C.

Dr. Cottingham is a prominent local chiropractor and has previously practiced in Prescott & Scottsdale, AZ. He has served the Chandler/Tempe/Ahwatukee community since 1999.

Dr. Cottingham graduated from the world renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 1996. He will be treating patients at the health and wellness clinic located in Gilbert, Arizona. His 20+ years of experience and customer service excellence are a valuable addition to the Pivonka Health & Wellness team. “When considering a chiropractor to add to our staff, it was important that the person we chose shares our philosophy of treating the whole patient, and not just treating symptoms of pain”, said Dr. Patricia Pivonka, co-owner of Pivonka Health & Wellness. “Dr. Cottingham is the perfect fit for us and our patients”, she added.

Dr. Cottingham commented, “I look forward to being a part the Pivonka team. I’ve seen other practices that tried to vertically integrate with various levels of success. I’m excited about what the Pivonkas have created; they’ve really set things up for patient success.”

Pivonka Health & Wellness completed a major overhaul of their business model just last year; vertically integrating their very successful chiropractic clinic into a comprehensive resource for patients needing more than just spinal manipulation or postural adjustments. This 360 degree, full-circle approach to wellness is a transition many other chiropractic offices are considering but Pivonka Health & Wellness has been an early adopter of this more efficient business format. According to Michael Carberry from Advanced Medical Integration, “The gap between conventional medicine and chiropractic’s more holistic approach to health care appears to be closing as both sides begin to recognize and embrace the value found each other’s fields.”

By vertically integrating pain management, physical rehabilitation and chiropractic services, and nutritional counseling, Pivonka Health & Wellness is positioned to more successfully manage patient care. Dr. Anthony Pivonka, co-owner of Pivonka Health & Wellness explained in an interview, “We now are able to treat more patients in our clinic. Instead of sending a patient out for physical rehabilitation, or referring them to a pain medicine doctor in Gilbert, or sending them out for an ultrasound, we now offer those services right in our clinic. This gives patients easier access to care, enables better communication between providers, and eliminates the inconvenience of traveling from place to place for treatment”, he continued.

The features of an integrated medical practice are clear; improved patient care and provider communications are the results but the main benefit is that patients are better served, feel better faster, and spend less time getting back to health. To learn more about Pivonka Health & Wellness and their continued expansion, visit or call 480-892-0022.

Location Info:
Pivonka Health and Wellness
1355 S Higley Rd #102, Gilbert, Arizona 85296
(480) 892-0022