Get to the core of life and business with Bruckner

She creates new frames so that the full potential in everyone can be explored and blossom up again as we had as child in us before others told us who we should be. The human should be in the core attention again – not money, not greed, not pride, not status but the human as they are!

Through the so call “trends of the future” such as: self-help; selfness, healthiness, medical wellness, self-cureness and health education/literacy. Bruckner based on her experiences knows by heart that 100% self-caring, self-response-ability is the key for true change we urgently need worldwide.

Bruckner completed her Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health, sport and nutrition. She also does an International PhD studies and research in the fields of communication & language science, public health, health psychology and health economics combined with a master study focused in neuro-psycho linguistics.

She believes in the holistic approach beyond the updated existing ones combined with updated science outcomes, new researches developing new scientific methods in her research center and partners. She has several businesses with industry experts that build a bridge of science, practical work, new methods on behalf of the existing challenges we face in the world today due the outcome of past thinking and creating. 

Bruckner has partnerships with industry experts in her businesses such as her holistic company “Learn health 4 Business” and nutrition company “Orinition” which focus on the soul, mind and body. She uses her business know-how, project management, team building she gained in more than 14 companies internationally to build up strong teams for different projects to bring her vision and mission into actions. Learning from brilliant top managers and trainers globally, she created not only books, but programs and workshops, building up other leaders to lead their unique way using fully their potentials.

In addition to her successful businesses and partnerships, Bruckner is also an acclaimed author. Her new “First Aid” book series, she believes will be a game changer in the holistic industry. 

She went through a several challenging times in her life, had 3 burn-outs, was highly suicidal and yet survived even a car accident until she decided to live in her passion which she has done for more than 20 years.  Creating holistic health programs and resilience tools, nurturing NGO’s and people with great vision bring them into action and give her valuable business knowledge. She brings today’s updated science together with spirituality together with practical tools to speak the languages others understand (called intuitive applied science approach). Through this combination she and her partners are trendsetters, master mind changers and vision leaders. She loves to use disruptive thinking on all levels and combine the business know-ledge with spirituality as several before her has done. 

She develops with her experts, teams the HOW! Methods, tools and services of the UN sustainable goals as they found out that the HOW! Is in times of crises are very important spreading to the population.

The challenge is bringing them together without greed, money-driven-thinking, but with humanitarian goal settings for better living for everybody!