Gail Briggs Is Helping Her Clients Focus On And Achieve Their Goals

For life coach, Gail Briggs, of Gail Butler Life Coach, helping clients focus on their personal and professional goals comes naturally. Briggs life coaching helps her clients remove the obstacles blocking them from achieving their goals and dreams. “In my business I empower professionals in transition to help identify their true purpose and find a new fulfilling lifestyle,” Briggs says.

In only her second day of life coach training, she found herself on the train, next to a man who was clearly struggling with some heavy issues in his professional life. Briggs’ natural compassion and empathy moved her to talk to him. Over the course of their conversation, she tried to help him get his bearings.

She discovered that he was a man that was deeply confused and conflicted about his professional life and career. Her training as a life coach came into play as she tried to help him focus and get to the root causes of the turmoil he was feeling. “I coached him for over a hour. I listened, repeated back his words, and he continued to talk about the problems he was having at his job,” Briggs says. “When we reached his stop he had identified at least two goals for him to work towards to get past the distrust he was experiencing at his job. He thanked me for helping him and he looked so relieved as he exited the train.”

Helping clients sharpen the focus on their personal and professional troubles and goals allows Briggs to help her clients develop a deeper sense of purpose and establish a clear path toward resolving problems and attaining their goals. Doing so involves being attentive to and in tune with her clients beyond the words they use to describe their individual situations. Briggs uses her skills to connect with her clients’ body language and tone.

“The most rewarding thing about my work as a life coach is to see my clients non verbal communication once they’ve realized their true passion and purpose,” Briggs says. “Their eyes light up and a smile covers there face from cheek to cheek. That is priceless.” Briggs makes it her mission to help her clients establish clear goals, find empowerment through self-actualization, move forward with their lifestyle choices, and realize their own strengths. Her approach is meant to encourage and inspire growth.

Client Darjai Payne related that Briggs’ coaching style provided a sense comfort and the gentle encouragement needed to make forward progress. “The one thing that helped me open up and feel comfortable was her soft calming voice. She spoke with such sincerity and kindness. Along with her gentle voice, her spirit was welcoming and inviting. I loved it,” Payne said. “Briggs causes you to not only address your issues and concerns but pushes you to focus on your accomplishments, goals, and things that make you happy. Her sessions were uplifting, motivating, and reassuring.”

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