From TV Star To Helping Clients “Live the Wealthy Life,” Barb Wade Is Making It Happen

A former actress and television star, Barb Wade has taken her megawatt personality from the small screen and put it into play helping her clients achieve financial independence and professional success on the fast track. “I show passion-driven service professionals the fastest and most strategic methods to attract ideal clients quickly,” Wade says. “They can not only make a difference, but make a great living doing it!”

After suffering huge financial setbacks during the recent economic collapse, Wade set her sights on not only recovering her family’s financial security, but also increasing their wealth without ever compromising her family life. In 2009, this mother of two young children, set her mind to expanding her coaching business to quickly fill the gap left by the loss of her husband’s job. Undaunted by setbacks, she plowed ahead quickly amassing more clients and ultimately, quadrupling the size of her business – all of this while still managing to volunteer in her children’s classrooms. Taking her clients’ success seriously, Wade says, “My clients become my family – and I get to celebrate each and every triumph as if it was my own. In other words, making their dreams come true is what makes my dreams come true!”

Keeping true to her personal service goals for each client, Wade offers clients a tailored approach, helping them to reach new professional heights. Wade’s proven techniques allow her clients to discover and capitalize on their unique abilities, allowing them to achieve the financial freedom and stability they desire. Her knowledge of consumer habits and buyer impulses gives clients the insight they need to become more successful sellers. Additionally, she is committed to helping each client develop the unsinkable self-confidence they need to grapple with today’s competitive environment.

“I get people results. I’m not one of those who’s done it herself, but hasn’t helped anyone else do it – my success track record is 92%,” she says. Her sized-to-fit, custom services give Wade’s clients the benefit of her enthusiasm, her professional showmanship learned during her acting career, and her commitment to meeting each client where they are. She relates, “I have a client who came to me 2 years ago as she was just coming close to the 6-figure mark. However, she was unclear what her niche was exactly, who her ideal clients were, and how to package her programs and services for maximum streams of income. We revamped her entire plan, changed the particular clients she now claims, developed multiple services offerings, and she has now burst through the quarter-million-dollar mark! Plus, she just went through 9 months of pregnancy and just had her baby and her business didn’t miss a beat!”

In building her business and following her passion, Wade was able to provide a financial lifeline for her family when they were adrift and headed for disaster. Her mission is to help others provide the same lift in their own business ventures, helping them realize their dreams and giving them the lifestyle they desire without sacrificing their priorities or their sense of frivolity. “We have a lot of fun over here!”

Barb Wade has improved her own life by improving the lives of others. A true success story, if ever there was one. You can learn more about Barb Wade and her business here: