Fritzi Gros-Daillon, San Diego “Aging In Place” Specialist, Outlines The Need For Home Safety And Access For Seniors

A professional in the field of “Aging In Place” needs to bring certifications, experience and perspective to each project. Certification can be earned in several specialties, including Certified Living by Design Specialist, Certified Aging in Place Specialist and other certifications offered by NAPO, NAHB, and ASID.

A Professional would start the process by doing a room-by-room interior assessment. A full exterior assessment would follow. The Professional could use the questionnaire developed by Household Guardians. It is a combination of the National Healthy Homes standard assessment with health and wellness environmental elements. The assessment is conducted after an interview with the resident and family members and then the walk-through inspection is conducted.

The client will receive a report that includes recommendations for short-term and long-range changes and an implementation plan. Clients can do the basic inspection themselves using the DIY checklist on the Household Guardians website. However, we strongly recommend having a trained professional conduct the assessment to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Many home safety products are readily available in local hardware stores, home improvement stores and drug stores.

Planning for the future is vital. It will allow the small, effective changes that are made now to be enhanced. For example, if a client has some decreasing vision issues, the current changes with lighting and tactile dots may be enough but a follow-up on a quarterly basis will allow additional enhancements to compensate for decreasing vision. The use of contrast on light switches and doorways would be another step in retaining independence and freedom in the home.

As for the family, the conversation and cooperation of family members helps make each project more successful. For example, if a client has re-arranged items in a cupboard for easier access, then family should respect the changes and not put everything “back where it belongs.” To see more about Fritzi Gros-Daillon go to: Contact her at her office 993 S. Santa Fe Ave., Ste 80, Vista, CA 92083 or call 858-224-2299.