Francesca Burack Author of Women Are Special – 123 Reasons Why Interviewed on Women Innovators Radio Show

Francesca Burack, Author of Women Are Special – 123 Reasons Why was recently interviewed the syndicated radio show, “Women Innovators” by host, Tamara Patzer. Women Are Special- 123 Reasons Why, is an inspirational book that celebrates women. “Women today are so busy multitasking, fulfilling commitments, moving from one thing to another we forget how special we are and for so many reasons,” said Burack.

Tamara “Tami” Patzer hosts the Women Innovators featuring conversations with professional women. The radio show is available on the iHeartRadio network, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes  and Spreaker) or online at: Patzer also is host/executive producer for The Optimal Health Radio show and The Thought Leaders show featured on Business Innovators Network and Daily Success Media Network.

Burack understands the frustration women feel as they tackle overt and unconscious bias within their industry or organization. She is expert at drawing out hidden talents, developing effective, strategic communication skills, and crafting an action plan that can be put to work immediately. Working with large and small corporations around the world, Francesca Burack’s experience includes internal corporate management, external consulting, and business development.

Because of her extensive experience in various business settings, she came to realize that women possess so many talents and qualities that are useful and help contribute to the bottom line. “Everyone wants to feel that she has a contribution to make and wants to be recognized for her contributions,” Burack explained. “A lot of my clients are ambitious women who are frustrated by their inability to be heard and recognized for their value and the contributions they make to their organization. They want to have a rewarding career. I have a 5-step process that moves people from identifying their wants and desires, creating the proper mindset to stand in their power and be successful.” This process helps them to assess their environment and identify their skills and assets, and developing an action plan and implementing it immediately.

Burack has a big message to share: When women stand in their own power and take fearless action with heart and conviction everyone benefits.

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About Francesca Burack

Francesca Burack works with corporations and individual women who are looking to embrace fearless female talent. As a speaker, Francesca has inspired business audiences around the world. As a consultant, she works with companies seeking systemic change in their management practices. And as a coach, she trains individual women to fearlessly stand in their own power.

Francesca works with corporations in a variety of ways – from public speaking at corporate events… to long-term consulting with senior management, department heads and HR departments who want a robust management pipeline… to training teams on unconscious bias… to individual business coaching with up-and-coming talent. Francesca’s experience includes internal corporate management, external consulting, and business development, and she’s worked with large and small corporations around the world. 

She’s been recognized by the New York Chamber of Commerce & Industry for “Excellence in business performance and commitment to New York City,” by the US Small Business Administration. She’s also been named a Women in Business Advocate of the Year for her, “Commitment to the advancement of women’s business ownership,” and was an elected delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. In 2013, she received the Lilly Ledbetter Award from the New York Women’s Agenda.