For Cindy Palermo, Caring For Seniors Is A Way Of Life

For Cindy Palermo, being a professional caregiver is a family tradition. With both her mother and grandmother working as caregivers before her, there was little surprise when Palermo entered the elder care field, herself. Leveraging her personal and professional experience in the industry, Palermo opened her own caregiving business. Founding Cindy’s Compassionate Care Services (, she offers full-service concierge services to seniors 24-hours/day seven days a week.

Serving the Florida communities of Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Palermo’s thirty years of experience in the caregiving industry influence every aspect of her business. From supporting individual clients to choosing employees, Palermo keeps her clients’ needs in mind. Her concierges are a vital link between her clients, their families and herself. In providing for her clients, she is able to increase their independence, provide them with companionship, help them take care of their needs, socialize, get to doctor’s appointments, keep up with medications, and stay in their own homes as long as possible.

“We have been able to assist a woman who is 95 years old be able to keep her independence in her own home with the assistance of a companion 20 hours a week,” Palermo says. “This companion takes her for walks, drives her to the grocery store, her doctor’s appointments, her hair and nail appointments and other places she wishes to go.” For Palermo, helping her clients stay in their own homes and improving the quality of their lives is the most rewarding part of her business. She says she regularly learns new things from her clients and views them as members of her family. Citing her family history of caregiving, Palermo points out that she grew up in the nursing home where her mother served as administrator, giving her priceless insight into caring for seniors.

“My work is invaluable. To be able to assist seniors in whatever needs they have is the most important aspect of my business,” Palermo says. “Concierge services means providing whatever service is requested by the client. I keep my word and it is a pleasure to be able to go above and beyond for all of my clients to ensure their happiness.” Providing concierge care to seniors in her Florida community is more than just job to Palermo, it’s a way of life and a family tradition.

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