Fitness Model and Life Coach, Angelike Norrie, Announces Online Coaching Services That Help New Mothers Achieve Balance in Their Lives

Like most mothers of young children, Angelike Norrie knows firsthand what it’s like to wake up one morning and not recognize her life. Moms often get so overwhelmed by their day-to-day responsibilities that they lose sight of who they are as women.

While many new mothers turn to nutrition and fitness to lose the “baby weight” and regain their pre-baby bodies, they often overlook the importance of balance in their lives.

That’s why new mom and Oxygen magazine cover model Angelike Norrie has developed coaching services that help her clients understand that their personal value is more important than giving up their lives to all of their daily responsibilities.

“My mission is to be a leader maker,” Angelike explains. “I want my clients to shout ‘I am the boss of me!’ It’s important that women do not allow the daily minutia to get in the way of taking care of their body, the one place where they have to live.”

Growing up, Angelike watched her mother struggle with the challenges she faced as a woman, mother, and wife. That experience gave Angelike the desire to defy the odds her mother faced and create a life in which she did not have to struggle.

Angelike’s chiseled physique has earned her acclaim as a fitness model. As a third-degree black belt, Angelike achieved enormous success in extreme martial arts, taking the silver medal in the 2007 XMA Championship. After a knee injury, she left martial arts to build a rewarding career in the medical device industry.

Even with so much success, Angelike came to realize that “no matter how much you change on the outside – no true change has occurred until you realize the that you are already fully equipped with the priceless gifts of beauty, dignity, integrity, discipline, love, and wisdom that you will ever need.”

She calls that “pumping your spiritual muscles.”

“I want my clients to be able to effectively manage who they are so that they can become capable mothers, wives, and career women while also being role models for their children – especially their little girls,” says Angelike.

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