Finger Licking Dutch Launches New Website Featuring Authentic Dutch Stroopwafels

To help get the word out to the masses faster, Finger Licking Dutch has launched their Stroopwafels on the PieShell food crowdfunding website.

Customers are now able to purchase stroopwafel packages and contribute to the crowdfunding campaign until November 21, 2018

You can go here to learn more:

Finger Licking Dutch Co-Founder Femke Veelenturf said, “We’re thrilled to properly introduce the authentic Stroopwafels to the U.S and make them widely available for everyone. Stroopwafels have been a Dutch favorite for many generations in Holland.”

“Stroopwafels are great for breakfast, on the go, lunch, snack or a dinner dessert. They will impress your guests, are great for holiday gifts, and in the office” Veelenturf continued to say, “Finger Licking Dutch Stroopwafels are the real and authentic cookies from Holland, with real Dutch ingredients so you know you’re getting the best Stroopwafels anywhere.”

John Bronson an NFL Veteran and Director of Operations said, “We’ve spent a lot of time researching and tasting every stroopwafel we could find in America. It was at that point that we realized the U.S market was underserved for a wholesome, good tasting snack, with an authentic taste and we were confident that we could bring this value to our customers,”

Veelenturf finished up by saying, “Stroopwafels gives you an amazing cookie experience that I have never seen be imitated by any other snack anywhere. They are loved so much so, that when United Airlines stopped serving them (for whatever reason) in June 2018, thousands of people expressed their thoughts about how mad this made them feel.”

You can read more about Stroopwafels and the team behind them here: 

Finger Licking Dutch, LLC is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, & provides authentic Dutch Stroopwafels from Holland and distributes to the U.S.

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