Find Joy and Fillfillmelnt After Abuse with Sarah Griffiths

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Sarah Griffiths has faced her own trauma, abuse and mental health issues, and has used her past experiences and recovery to inform the work she does now. As a trained, highly specialised trauma and abuse therapist, she employs the methods she used to rebuild her own life to help her clients overcome issues of complex PTSD and low self-esteem. 

Her story started in school, where she was bullied to the point of crippling self-consciousness. Later, an emotionally abusive marriage to a covert narcissist pushed her to the edge. Sarah’s treatment at the hands of her spouse reinforced all of the negative self-beliefs she had developed in childhood, and in 2010 she came close to taking her own life. But a moment of clarity allowed her to turn her life around, and she became determined to move forwards and heal. 

This started Sarah on a journey of self-discovery, during which she learned how to cope with and move on from the abuse she faced. Ten years on, she has now studied and trained, and has come up with a highly effective programme which helps her clients to rapidly heal from the trauma of their abuse. 

The techniques she uses are varied, and include hypnotherapy, coaching, as well as more traditional talking therapy. Her programme, “12 weeks to CPTSD Free”, uses these techniques in her unique methodology that helps clients to overcome their complex PTSD in just 12 weeks. She has many testimonies from clients whose lives have been transformed. Sarah’s website,, provides more information, contact details and resources that reinforce her work

Sarah’s methods give her clients the opportunity to put their pasts behind them so that they can start to live the lives they deserve, as she has done. She currently runs two successful businesses, and when she is not working she can usually be found reading a good book or cooking a cruelty-free, vegan meal. She turned her own life around and wants to help others live similarly full, happy lives. 

Her methods are a big part of the progress she has made for herself and for others. The techniques she uses are skilfully combined to ensure the fastest and most effective recovery possible for her clients. Hypnotherapy in particular is crucial to the work she does, but she believes that it is often overlooked in mainstream practice in favour of more traditional talking therapies. She wants to raise awareness for the effectiveness and availability of her methods, so that people can make an informed choice about the treatment they opt for. 

Sarah is also determined to help as many people as possible. She is currently based in Perth, Western Australia, but all her sessions are virtual. This means that she is able to offer her services to those who most need her, regardless of where in the world they live. She is planning to set up a foundation to provide funding for those who are unable to pay for her sessions as well. 

The work Sarah does is highly effective, and offers people who are struggling the opportunity to change their futures for the better by putting their pasts behind them. In a short timeframe, Sarah can help people to heal and change their mindsets, so that they can move towards self-love and fulfilment – just as she did. 

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