Film And Business Entrepreneur Chad T. Collins On New Movie ‘Rise To The Top’

The documentary film ‘Rise To The Top’ is a collection of interviews from top industry professionals who have risen to the top of their marketplaces.

Visionary and inspiring, the contributors offer insights and innovations into such topics as standing out against the competition, raising fees and never having to compete on price, becoming the expert authority, and raising value through service. Anyone who is looking for a backstage pass to success will find guidance in this compelling exposé.

We sat down with the Executive Producer, Chad T. Collins, to have him share how this film came to be and what he hopes for it to accomplish.

Small Business Trendsetters:  Congratulations on this film project.  It has received a great deal of praise, where did the idea to produce a documentary like this come from?

Chad T. Collins:  Thank you for the kind words, and for taking the time dig deeper into the value that this film brings to the marketplace from some of the world’s top thought leaders across many industries. Originally, I had published a co-authored best-selling book under the same title which chronicled my own successes in business and management. The success of the book coupled with my corporate business background propelled the idea for a second volume of the book, only this time featuring other top industry experts and authorities.

Small Business Trendsetters: Wow, so you took the focus off yourself, and turned the spotlight onto others?

Chad T. Collins:  Exactly. I am a great resource and have a great rise to the top story, but my way isn’t the only way. I know from having met and had conversations with thousands of business owners and corporate executives that no success story is exactly the same, but, that success can be duplicated.

Small Business Trendsetters: What is the secret to duplicating success?

Chad T. Collins:  What this film really brings to light is that there are common underlying principles that those who rise to the top all do really well, in some way, shape or form. Understanding these principles and taking action on them is how anyone in any industry can apply a duplication strategy to help themselves rise to the top.

Small Business Trendsetters: Without taking away from the book or film, can you give us an example?

Chad T. Collins:  Of course. I’ll give you a quick illustration and application. I’m sure you’ve heard it said, “All things being equal, people buy from people they know, like and trust.” How you tell your story, share who you are, and communicate the value you bring into other people’s lives will help you to win more business, keep clients in longer relationships and build a personality driven business that people really love doing business with. One goal of this documentary film and from the contributors is to help you share your story through marketing yourself or service while keeping your voice, but doing it on a level that separates you from the competition and positions you as the authority and expert.

Small Business Trendsetters: What is the status of the film and when can we expect its release?

Chad T. Collins:  The film will be released to global audiences in early 2017. Filming has already begun and editing/production for 5 contributors is completed. From this I was able to release the trailer which first premiered earlier this month. Since the film is shot in a documentary exposé format, I’m able to take each contributor’s segment and have it independently edited and ready for final production. The only reason I am not releasing it sooner is that I have a few special surprises up my sleeve. There are a couple upcoming celebrity interviews that I want to make sure get featured in the film.

Small Business Trendsetters: What are some ways someone can learn more about the film?

Chad T. Collins:  The film has a website, Twitter handle, Facebook fan page, and the trailer can be found on YouTube. The best place to start is to check out:, from there you can access all social channels and subscribe for updates. Chad T. Collins is a film and business entrepreneur, best selling author and celebrity guest contributor for multiple large digital publications. He is also an educator and advocate for the special needs community where his contributions have been featured in ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. More information about Chad T. Collins is available at and the film ‘Rise To The Top’ at