Fayetteville NC Scentsy Associate Christina Rogers Embraces The Fragrance of Success

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According to its website, “Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.” Indeed, the fragrant, natural products and company philosophy are attracting entrepreneurs to jump on board and spread the word.

Christina Rogers became an associate with Scentsy after a year of being a “product of the product.” She started out purchasing Scentsy products through her best friend, not only to experience them, but also to support her best friend’s new business venture. As she kept purchasing different products, Christina found them to be both amazing and in her opinion underrated.

Christina felt that every product she purchased impressed her with its performance. She constantly reflected on the thought of selling the quality products herself. However, as with most budding entrepreneurs, she went through mixed emotions of insecurity and rising hope, all the while seeing the positive things that selling Scentsy was doing for her supplier. Christina says, “I was always asking questions and Heather was always there patiently answering them.  She encouraged me to review things at my own pace.”

What finally moved Christina was noticing more and more how exhausted her new husband was becoming from his long work hours and something just clicked. She  said to herself, “I want something better for us.”  She talked to Heather and  immediately completed the process to become an Independent Consultant.

Once she made her decision, Christina went after it full bore. She was under no illusions about the business she was undertaking. It would be a labor of love because of how she felt about the products, her sponsor and her team, but it would still take work.

No stranger to that, Christina had worked multiple jobs for years, convenience store manager, commercial cleaning service associate, virtual admin assistant and more. She created and ordered her business cards, put together her company website and launched her business online with a successful Facebook Live event that netted several hundred dollars in sales. She hasn’t looked back.

Christina feels that being part of Team Relentless Grace, the group she belongs to in Scentsy, is more than just selling products and making money. It has become something much bigger than that, more like a family.

According to Rogers, her teammates do not look at her as a competitor, but as someone who can be an example, encouraging other members to step out and take their leap of faith.

Her team never hesitates to offer help when she needs it. They encourage her and are never condescending or impatient with her questions. Christina relates, “These women are strong, fierce, beautiful and very intelligent individuals. They have paved the way for other people, men and women alike, to learn to push their new businesses to success.”

Christina firmly believes she would have never made this plunge into launching her individual Scentsy business without Heather. Christina watched Heather’s success for months before asking her about it. The answers Heater provided gave Christina the courage to make the move. Christina puts it simply, “Heather has been wonderful. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

For her part, Christina’s mentor Heather offers, “Christina sees what she has to do to succeed and is embracing it. She and her husband are on their way to becoming the next Scentsy dynamic duo!”

Call (910) 379-3295 or visit Christina’s Independent Consultant website to get more information about the products and the Scentsy company.

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