Fashion Blogger For Black Women Tanya Major Shares Her Top Summer 2014 “Must Haves”

Tanya Major of Major Must Haves, is a blog writer that specializes in spotting the upcoming fashion trends for African-American women. This season her blog tackles the must haves for maintaining a great summer wardrobe, as well as what styles are showing up both in the stores and on the runway. According to Majors, it’s about keeping it simple and basic, so you just need a few key pieces. “Try to buy things you can incorporate with things you have already, and then build your wardrobe upon that each year,” says Major.

She goes on to explain what makes a summer wardrobe so important. “The West Coast is a little different from other places, because it’s summer all year around. One difference is that it does tend to cool down at night, so carrying a light linen jacket, scarf or shawl is a must,” adds Major.

She also recommends buying clothes that are light, airy and comfortable. Accessories are to be limited, due to the heat. As for shoes, she suggests wedges, sandals and espadrilles. She says, “The most important thing is versatility and comfort.”

When asked what is the best option for an outfit that can be worn both during the day and in the evening, she recommends a maxi dress or knee length dress with a light linen coat for the evening, and taking a scarf to keep you warm as it gets late into the night. Major also had some suggestions as to what colors and patterns are best for the season. “Paisley, patterns, pinks and oranges are all nice. You have to find what is right for your skin tone. Peaches I absolutely love.”

She had some great tips when trying to mix up the color. She explains it’s always good to mix a pattern with a solid. For example, a patterned dress and a solid scarf. Or you can mix patterns if they blend properly by making sure one pattern is smaller and the one other is bigger.

When asked about age appropriate fashion, Tanya feels that basically the same rules apply for women that are between 25 to 40 and women over 50. “I don’t think it’s that different. I think a lot of people are wearing the same thing. I think a woman over 50 might feel more comfortable with a little jacket. Also maybe a pair of flats, rather than heels.”

Major had some last minute picks for designers we should be on the lookout for this summer. Among some of the recommended shopping destinations are Nordstrom and H&M. Both carry a variety of brightly colored dresses, pants and skirts, plus some really fabulous prints. This is just the first part of her “Summer Must Haves” segment. Her upcoming blog will cover the ten pieces needed to see you through the summer, and how you can mix and match them with what you already have in your closet.

Major also gives a helpful list of what to wear during the day and at night depending on where you are going, whether it be a picnic, festival, beach excursion or an amusement park. She is also releasing a “Major Must Haves Series,” some of those topics will include, “Must Haves for your First Date” and “Must Haves for a Romantic Evening” so be sure to periodically check her blog at:

About Major Must Haves

For the past four years, Tanya Major has been writing the “Major Must Haves” blog and has caught the attention of numerous African-American women between the ages 18 to 45. She has been featured in magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly alongside many celebrities like Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and more. Tanya Major provides inspiration and motivation for a community eager to read her unique, trendsetting column. Major also works with a variety of high-end retailers, including GAP, Old Navy, Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue, and Victoria’s Secret, who can be found in her online visual mall page.

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