Faith Based Entrepreneur Builds Global Clothing Line God Made Millionaire®

Businessman TC Bradley knows a little something about faith. In 2012, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest outside of his home, within 10 seconds of being placed in the ambulance, and was clinically dead for 1.5 to 2 minutes before being revived.

“The odds of me surviving that event were less than 1%, 9 out of 10 people that experience such an event outside of a hospital will die, and even if they survive they will have some sort of deficits due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain and vital organs, and yet my life was spared…spared for a reason” said Bradley

Within 90 days of being released from the hospital, Bradley wrote and published a book about his experience called “God Says When!” which debuted on the Amazon Best Seller list beating out such notable figures like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes.

“Well, as I shared the fact that we had beat him on the best seller list for a day or 2 with Joel Osteen on his radio show, I just loved his response of laughter, and genuine happiness for that significant achievement” Bradley said.

As it turns out, TC Bradley is no stranger to topping giants in business. His first website that he launched in 2003 had more website traffic going to it than Oprah Winfrey had going to her website 2 years later in 2015.

“My entire life has proven that faith can conquer mountains and achieve the impossible in life and in business,” said Bradley.

Bradley has now trademarked and launched a clothing brand called God Made Millionaire® 

“I have always used the term “God Made Millionaire,” it has always been my strongest declaration of FAITH in my life, and in my business, for me, it’s not about a bank statement, it’s a faith statement,” said Bradley.

“I designed the God Made Millionaire shirts first and foremost for myself to wear, other folks just get to wear them too!” Bradley said with a laugh.

Plans for the God Made Millionaire ® brand include a radio show and TV show.

If Bradley’s track record in business is any indicator, global fashion icons might want to be on the lookout!

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